Monday, August 3, 2015

Treasure Hunting!!

Off on another treasure hunt for things we couldn't live without, we left Seaside amid bumper to bumper traffic for the Astoria Sunday Market.  It must be nice in Portland, because I think everyone that lives there, came here for the weekend!!  One of my favorite things at the market are the flowers.  Towards the north end there is a vendor who makes spectacular bouquets with gorgeous flowers for $10-15.
As we walked along, Dan pointed out the ship at the end of the market.  Not as spectacular as the cruise ship at the end of the Skagway docks in Alaska, but amazing to see, none the less.   He's anchored out, waiting for a River Pilot to take him to Portland.
There were beautiful hand blown glass balls in every color imaginable, a perfect Christmas gift.  I already have three of these at home, so none made it into my backpack.
I've never seen a bouquet with these colors ... Oregon just grows beautiful flowers!!  
I had a mind to purchase one of these cigar box banjos, even though I have no idea how to play one.  Although along the lines of my ukulele, the price tag was considerably more ... around $300 ... crossing it off my list.  
Along the route is the Liberty Theatre.  Stop in if it's open.  This 1920's vaudeville silent movie theatre has been restored and is now a venue for musical and theatrical productions. 
The lavender sold at the market for $5.00 was so fragrant, that all along the three blocks, I could smell everyone who bought some.   
This is what Dan does while Patty and I shop!  Okay, not really because he goes through all the antique stuff just like we do, he's just a lot faster at it!!  Actually, we were of a mind to eat at the Bowpicker below, but as he sat here, Dan timed the line.  When you only move 10 feet in 15 minutes with the line 40 people long, it's a no-go for us.  I'd starve before I got to place my order!
Bring lots of patience and come early if you plan on eating at this 5-star Yelp boat-on-a-trailer kitchen.  All the tuna fish and chips (steak fries) are cooked to order, so your normal wait time in line will be around 60-90 minutes.  We ate at Pig N Pancake .. Denny's to Californians!!  That might not have been the best idea we had!
The geese and seagulls were napping in the morning sun.  There was a bird on each and ever pillar sticking up out of the water all along the waterfront.    
The Astoria Riverfront Trolley runs the lengths of the docks here.  For one or two dollars, you can ride all day and hear some of the interesting history of the area, including the canneries of long ago.  This puppy was enjoying the ride ... nose in the breeze!!
Down on the docks we discovered another little flea market where I picked up a few treasures.  Only open on the first Sunday of the month, things are much cheaper there than the crafty market above.  I'll post some pics of my treasures tomorrow.  There was also a great antique store/home salvage business that's a must see.  If you're renovating and need some old door handles, doors or even windows, they have it all.

On the way home, we took a side road between Hwy 101 and the water to the high rent district.  There were some nice places there, but I'll have to check the CC&R's first to see if I can park my motorhome on the lot!!!  On the road back to Hwy 101, we spotted these beautiful elk.  I've seen lots of warning signs for elk, but these are the first animals I've seen here.  
For dinner, we went to one of those places you'll want to tell your friends about.  Nick Russell recommended this one, so we joined he and Terry at 4:00 (they close at 5:30 on Sundays ... check their website for hours).  This is the Bell Buoy fish market.  There is lots of parking for the restaurant on the North side of this sign.  This is another one you might not stop at ... kind of like the Relief Pitcher ... but you would be making a BIG mistake!! 

This is the front door of the restaurant, kind of nondescript.  Waiting inside however, is lots of great seafood.
This was what's left of my $12 three piece crispy, moist halibut with waffle fries!!  It looked so good I just dove in, forgetting about taking a picture!!  Even their cole slaw was one of the best I've eaten!!
Today we pick up stakes and again move North to Long Beach.  This last two weeks has gone by entirely too fast!!!  I guess that's what happens when you're with good friends, having fun!!

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