Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sometimes The Jello Jiggles

Even being parked in a beautiful RV on a spectacular coast in Washington, doesn't always work out like you expect.  Sometimes the jello jiggles instead of shaking, just messing up your plans for the day.  It's those days I dread, because I can't sit long without being bored!!

My plan was to head to the kite festival, getting pictures of the mass ascension to be held on the beach.  The morning began with a sick puppy and went downhill all day.  I probably should have planned a little better, since I didn't drive to the parking lot until 11:00.  It was totally packed, with another six cars racing around trying to find spots to park.

Traffic was terrible due to a car parked at a stop sign with his right rear wheel up on the curb.  What was THAT all about!!

I probably could have found parking, but it would have been over a mile away.  The kite festival is a big deal in these parts.  Since I needed money and a car wash, I diverted to the North end of town where I found a Credit Union and loaded up on cash.  The elusive car wash couldn't be found, so I dejectedly return to the rig.  Now what???

At last there was a little wind, so I gathered up my kite stuff and made the half mile trek to the beach.  A kite is not just a kite ... it is an ultralight or full sail for light winds, a mid vent for medium winds and a full vent for 20+mph-blow-your-hat-off winds.
I used my ultralight above to start.  After many leader adjustments I finally got it flying pretty well, doing twists, turns and figure eights and hovering.  I'm trying to learn to fly it upside down, so there were lots of crashes to the ground also!
Nick and Terry Russell came out about an hour later to fly their New York Minutes ... that's Nick's black, red and white.  We've all been lusting over the Eliot Shook revolution kites, this one being the equivalent of a full vent.
Who wouldn't want to fly one like THIS!!  Gorgeous .... but every one he makes is different.  He's an artist, so he won't make two the same.  
Here's the one I REALLY want, just change the colors from pink to purple or lavender.   It's on my Christmas list, so we'll see what happens.  I'm going to be a good girl so I can make Santa happy!!
After two hours of flying on very sore legs from my trek to the lighthouses, I gave up and came in to find a sick puppy again.  It's Jessie this time .... my what a mess!!!  Much as I want to head back to the kite festival for pictures, I may just have to stay close to home.  That's what happens when the jello jiggles!!


  1. Do you think they got into some food they normally don't get? Maybe it's the fumes from that generator across the way...

    1. Not sure what the problem is Dave ... I keep a pretty close eye on them when outside. Could possibly have gotten a bad can of food. Hoping for the best cuz I'm tired of cleaning up the messes!! LOL