Sunday, August 2, 2015

Doggie Bags For My Friends!!

Yesterday, I gave FULL doggie bags to my friends here at the RV park.  What's a friend for, if not to offer small tokens of friendship.  If I find a treasure, I want to share it with EVERYONE!!!  Unfortunately, the Chance family and the Russell family weren't as excited about the whole thing as I was!!!  But I'm getting ahead of myself ...........
Time flies when you're having fun, and this week has been no exception.  Our second week is coming to an end as Patty and I went back to Ilwaco just to make sure we didn't miss anything at the Farmers Market.
The weather couldn't have been better!!  I finally found the yarn shop I walked by two or three times the previous week, but didn't purchase anything.  Since I don't have a project in mind, I have no idea what to get!!  After how many years, I'm finally learning to be patient ... okay maybe not, but I refrained from buying THIS time!!
This huge stand of fresh vegetables was our real destination, where we picked up fresh sweet corn, green beans and some white nectarines.  YUM!!!
They had big boxes of little potatoes, some I had never seen before!!  There was also weird things like asian pears and long beans.
This market has definitely gone to the dogs.  They were everywhere!!!  Many were making new friends and some were just too shy, like the sheared English Sheepdog ... what a beauty!!  This little baby named Boo was just a doll!!  Her owner said she usually likes to walk, but today wanted to be a snuggle bunny.  She could go home in my pocket any time!!!
We went to find the handbag lady, but she wasn't there this week.  There were a few new vendors, including fresh lavender from a local farm, fresh fish that just came out of the ocean that morning, treasure chests made from wood pallets .....
and rocks .... lots of different kinds of rocks.  This gentleman's family owns a big company that produces the machinery to cover hay bales with plastic.  He's also into rocks and crystals!!  These are desert crystals, some of which come from around Quartzsite!!  He also attends the Gem and Mineral Show there, so we'll look him up this winter to say hello.
What about those doggie bags??  Wouldn't you be pleased to accept a gift like this???  Neither was Patty or Nick ... in fact, I could hardly get Nick to even take the bag in hand.  Here I spent all this time gathering up these treasures and they weren't the least bit happy or excited about it.  
Patty had a terrible look on her face, after all, she knows exactly what my doggie bags look like!!  I finally convinced Nick to take the bag, which he did with two fingers very gingerly!!  Hey ... share the treasure is my motto!!!  They both finally opened their bags to find these little gems of goodness ..... fresh blackberries straight from the vine.  I finally found a small patch way in the back that no one had discovered yet, when I was walking the dogs.  Since I had nothing else to put them in, I used a CLEAN doggie bag.  SURPRISE!!!
After washing, I dumped mine in a pot with a little sugar and cooked them up for pie filling.  
That rock hard pastry I've had in the fridge for two weeks wasn't exactly tender, but the fresh berry filling smothered in whipped cream was mighty tasty!!!
I'm sure anyone watching me carry several doggie bags from the back lot to my rig were wondering what the heck I was doing!!  The good part is I doubt ANYONE will go back there to see what was up, so there should be one more batch of berries before we leave!!!

It's Sunday, so we're off to the Astoria Sunday Market to wander around and enjoy the cool weather!  I think I'll take a couple of doggie bags with me!!


  1. The next time you go raspberry picking pick the clean ones don't wash them put them in a pint or quart container and freeze them after their frozen shake them up so they don't stick as a lump keep doing that is much as you wish to fill a larger container any container I still have some from last summer see I told you free is good
    Now when you cook them the way that you did find a strainer that will only allow the liquids to pass and keep the byproduct Separate discard the byproduct
    Refrigeration The juice it'll last about three weeks and it's nice that you don't have seeds or the skin
    things to try
    put about 2 tablespoons in a cup of coffee and enjoy and or pour some of your ice cream
    If you like pancakes mix a little of that in your pancake mix or mix it in with your maple syrup
    Or mix it in your muffin mix
    I'm about salivating can't take it any longer I'm going to go get a frozen mango
    Hope you enjoy your day

    1. When I said put it in your coffee you can put it in any liquid including Coca-Cola Ginger ale Tea ice tea lemonade.
      Including your wine although I never did try it in beer i'm not sure if I want to be that Adventurous to my beer. So enjoy

    2. I'll definitely try that the next time I pick some berries. Sounds like a GREAT idea!! They were delicious ... I ate them all!! Putting them in ginger ale also sounds yummy. Never would have thought of that one. Thank you for the ideas!!!