Tuesday, August 11, 2015


It was another laid back day with basically nothing on the schedule.  Missy thought so too until Snoopy Chance got a little too close.  This image was taken just a millisecond before Missy's paws started flying through the air!!  Silly girl lays on her back like this all the time!!
Patty and I wandered down to the quilt store to pick up their pattern for Row by Row.  Every store along the coast creates a pattern for one row of a quilt.  Pick up all the patterns, do a little sewing, and you have a great souvenir of your trip up the coast.  

From there, we went to NIVA green in Long Beach.  THIS is one shop you must check out.  There are so many unique and crazy things in this little store, most of which are made by the proprietress from salvaged items ... like old rakes that become wine glass hangers, lamps and jewelry stands.  She didn't make this little clock, but I couldn't pass it up because it made me laugh!!  It's a big tin sardine can with the mermaid's tail swinging in the opening making the clock work.  To make it even quirkier, small purchases like jewelry are presented to you in a popcorn bag!!
A couple of treasures picked up at the farmers markets around here ... this bracelet designed with spoons from the year 1900 was made by a couple who drive 3-1/2 hours just to get to the market every Sunday.  Their work is beautiful, to say the least!!
We met the "bag lady" in Ilwaco where I purchased my first $15 purse.  Made from gorgeous heavy fabrics with handmade matching zipper pulls, we picked up two more.  You can never have enough purses ... just ask Barbara Westerfield, my purse mentor!!!
After all that shopping, Patty and I decided Pizza was in order for dinner ... the warm ooey gooey kind, baked to perfection in a wood fired pizza oven.  I found just the ticket at a bait shop slash convenience store down at Cape Disappointment State Park.  FIVE STAR PIZZZA!!  You can't get any better than that!!!

This is NOT it however!!  Just so you know, the internet isn't always right.  It said the restaurant/store was open till 8 pm ... and actually, the STORE was, but the pizza oven was NOT!!  Disappointed at Cape Disappointment!!!  

As far as Dan and I are concerned, there's NO bad pizza, so we went to the next place in line with a 3 star rating ... Chico's in Seaview.  The pizza wasn't bad ... edible anyway ... but the floors were filthy and if you want a box to take the remaining pieces home, you should bring 50 cents!!
Upon arrival back home, I reported on the NOT wood fired pizza to the Russell Household, where Miss Terry had coincidentally made HER famous pizza for dinner.  Funny, we were all on the same pizza track!!  She wins hands down!!  Nick is certainly a lucky guy to have a wife that's a master chef!!!

My fishing buddy next door neighbor came knocking last night, and as we spent a few minutes shooting the breeze by the picnic table, this beautiful sunset developed right before my eyes.  First one I've seen in Washington, and it was a beauty!!  He's my kind of guy .. fishes, has a few cattle, loves to travel in his RV ... I know, I thought the same thing!!  Unfortunately, he's married!!  I'm back at Cape Disappointment!!!
Today we will all run off different directions doing different things.  I for one am expecting a package at the Seaview Post Office, that closes early in the afternoon.  My tracking number says it will be delivered around 8 pm this evening.  Here I go again ... tracking down another Amazon order!!  I have such admiration for full-timers who deal with this all the time!!!  Guess I better get that inside line UPS phone number from Dan Chance!!!


  1. I really like the brown one. I have very few browns. 😃 I did fall in love with a couple of new ones... all under $20 of course. Loving your summer.

    1. You are the Queen of Purses Barbara!! AND you have the cutest ones in the country!! Enjoy your new ones!