Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Luck Of The Irish!!

For the most part, Lady Luck wasn't with me yesterday since I'm only partially Irish.  It started off nice enough, with 25-30mph winds rockin' and rollin' the motorhome.  When I looked outside and saw this at 7:00 am, I thought I must be in Kansas!!
As the morning went on, the wind got worse, turning over my heavy pots filled with cactus that I left by the door.  Every time something came floating by the window, I ran outside and grabbed it.  I think I could have clothed my entire RV with the tire covers, window shades and huge rugs that went sailing by.
It felt like some giant was shaking the motorhome, scaring the puppies who wouldn't leave my lap!!
My luck improved, or so I thought, as I headed out around noon to Pacific Oyster where the best clam chowder in the U.S. resides.  I guess I needed a little more Irish heritage, because this is what I found upon arrival.  Someone, lets just call him/her "old folk" ... hit the accelerator instead of the brake and smashed their glass doors into a million pieces.  How does that happen???  No chowder on this day, as they closed down for the afternoon, trying to get the area cleaned up.  RATS!!
Maybe my luck will improve at Tillamook Cheese, where I wanted to pick up some Tillabars.  Lucious white chocolate covering delicious cold sweet vanilla ice cream with a tart lemon center.  These bars are divine!!  Trouble was, there was no parking.  You would think with all this wind and rain, that everyone would have stayed home ... including me!!!
My quarter Irish finally kicked in and I found a parking spot after driving around for 15 minutes.  I can only say it was worth it!!!  
On the way home with my Tillabars in hand, my luck truly changed as I spotted this herd of elk in a farmers field just outside of town.  The wind had them very skittish and their heads went up when I stopped for a picture.
There's a lot of babies here, along with a few young males ... the rest being cows.  Later in the day, when I returned to town, they were all bedded down in the same spot.  It was just an awesome sight to see!!!   I guess those "Watch For Elk" signs don't lie after all!!
Still raining, but much less windy, I returned to town for a quick class on how to add beads to your knitting.  She forgot the beading needles, so I had to run a couple of blocks over and pick up a package, then she got real busy in the store and couldn't help me.  I had to thread 440 beads on to the yarn ... yup 440 ... one at a time ... and of course I counted wrong ... Double RATS!!  In the end, she forgot to show me how to add just one, using a crochet hook.  I'll get back to this project on Monday when her shop is open again.
All in all, it was a great day.  Any time you get to see a herd of elk, it crosses out quite a few unlucky happenings.  Now if it had been a larger herd, it might have crossed out the rain that has kept me awake all night long.  It's still pouring as I type, but supposedly will clear up around 9am when my little bit of Irish luck kicks in.  I think it's a good day for some tea and scones!!


  1. Can we say, "We told you so"? I knew you would like those Tillabars...better than any ice cream bar I have ever had (and I have only been fortunate to have 1 1/2 bites since Marcia has claimed ALL of them!)

    1. Hahahaha yes Dave ... they are yummy!! Sorry you don't get a whole one!! LOL