Monday, August 17, 2015

Meeting RV Friends On The Road!!

Sometimes the jello shakes so much it comes into perfect alignmnt!!  Yesterday was that day!!  I knew fellow blog writer and traveler Dave Burdick and his beautiful wife Marcia were on the road in Washington, but I didn't know they were going to surprise me by not only stopping in at this Thousand Trails campground, but parking right behind me!!  How cool is THAT!!

Dave writes a great blog with lots of amazing pictures of the country they travel, from Washington and California to Florida and back.  Of course I can't forget their two fuzzy critters, Bubba and Scruffy who not only travel with them, but occasionally write a few words in the blog.  We had a great visit, but alas, they are headed back to California.
It must be the last couple of weeks before school, because even though it's Monday, the campground is still full to the brim.  There are now five rigs camped out in overflow, along with 10-12 boats.  Salmon fishing is a big deal here, not to mention the Washington State International Kite Festival which starts today for a week long run.

There will be plenty to see, including kite making and flying seminars, kite fighting where you take down the other guys kite ..... I won last week, taking down Miss Terry's kite (not on purpose of course) .... kite flying from the biggest in the world to the smallest and indoor kite flying (the wind is made by the person pulling the kite), not to mention all the flying competitions that will be held.  It's a pretty big deal, with thousands of people expected!!

My friends Patty and Dan are leaving this morning for some repair work on their rig in Harrisburg at Elite Coach Renovation and Repair, so we'll be saying goodbye until January.  After another amazing farewell dinner prepared by Miss Patty, I headed off to the beach for a little flying time.  
I was totally alone, except for that strange guy on the path with his bike, a huge backpack and a can of beer.  This is just a small portion of the beach ... appropriately named Long Beach.  Unfortunately, the wind was blowing a little too hard this time, making the blowing sand sting my hands and legs.
I didn't even unzip the case .... just watched the sun set by myself before hiking back to the rig.
It should be an exciting week with lots of kite pictures, since I won't be flying.  Maybe I'll even get in a little night photography!!


  1. Nancy, found the place on the map and yelp....South Beach Fish Market. Looks great, we will be there tomorrow for an early dinner, that's for sure. Enjoy the kites, and until we all meet again down the road..... --Dave (ps: I don't think you would like this remote-like park in Tillamook that we are at...a bit isolated, but the $12.00 isn't bad)

    1. That's the one Dave ... hope it's as good as when I was there!!

  2. Hi Nancy, not sure if you've picked up a WSIKF program or noticed that there is a Camera Workshop at 9:30 am on Tuesday. The workshop is supposed to be about how to take good pictures of kites. All I know about it is what the program says, but I'm thinking about checking it out myself.


    1. I saw that Joanna ... thank you!! Not sure I will make it to the workshop, but hope to meet you down on the beach. I think I've become obsessed with these kites!!!