Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tip Toe Through The Campground .....

Through the campground, through the campground ......

 I just happened to look out the window and see this girl tip toeing around the trees, snacking on grass as she went.  In less than a minute, she was gone!!  Check out those ears!


Patty and I spent the day shopping!!  We headed to the yarn store, but since it was closed, we walked next door to "A Cupcake" and had a wonderful peanut butter treat!! (okay "I" had the treat, Patty had the willpower!!)

Next was The Mill District, an outdoor mall with stores like Bath and Body, Gap, REI and several more.  Patty had heard about a new Ben and Jerry's ice cream, so that was our first stop.  Unfortunately, they didn't have it, so we had to substitute.  Good lunch, huh???

Patty didn't know I was an REI member, and took me there to see the neat store.  My timing was perfect!!  After assessing my wardrobe, I discovered all my raincoats were at home and lots of rain is expected in Alaska (more than what we have already experienced).  I found this great ski parka with hood on sale for half price at $145.00.  On top of that, I have a dividend from REI.  The jacket's final cost was $7.49.  Can't beat that deal with a stick!!!
They have a store here called Fred Meyers ... a department store a little up from Costco.  Patty found the perfect pair of shoes to go with her shorts!!  My those must be kinda hard to walk in!!
Back at Buzzards Roost I took this picture of Gracie, Patty and Dan's Snowshoe Siamese.  This is the one Jessie is in love with.  Every time we exit my rig, she makes a beeline for Gracie!!  Best kitty ever!!!
We have to get our shopping fix while we can, so I think today will be more of the same!!!

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