Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Likely You Will Like Likely!!!

The rain finally let up this morning just as we were ready to leave Boomtown for Sparks to get fuel.  Travel Center of America at $3.719 was the choice of the day.  Up to now, I haven't had good experiences at "truck" stops.  Finally the curse has been broken.  Except for the fact that the driver ahead of me in the lane decided to take a nap (never saw him the whole time and I had to move to a different lane), everyone was very friendly.

It poured on and off the entire way up Hwy 395.  It's beautiful cattle country ... right up my alley.  Unfortunately we can't stop every couple miles for pictures, even if there was very little traffic.          
We pulled into Likely around 2:00 pm where we plan to spend a couple days visiting friends of Patty and Dan.  I was sure Dan was lost when he headed East out of town, but in the middle of nowhere down a long paved road was Likely Place RV and Golf Resort ... a Passport America park ... and a beauty!!  At $36 total for two nights with free internet access, it can't be beat.  They have had quite a bit of rain however, making the roads very soft in places.  Did I mention it's a full hookup??  50 amp ....
Off to the side is a nice barbecue area with shade and picnic tables and they have a small restaurant.  We have a great view, being up on the side of a hill. 
Coming through town there was this great old building.  I'm hoping I have a chance for some more pictures before we leave.  These old buildings fascinate me ... wondering what they were used for.  The top looked like hotel rooms.  
After an early dinner, I took a short walk with my camera and look what greeted me!!!
 I ran back to get Patty and of course the doe was gone.  We headed up the hill for about half a mile and discovered we were in between the golf greens.  Down by one of the ponds was this old hay rake like my dad used (in the old old days).
Just across Likely Highway was some nice grassland for cattle and a couple of ponds surrounded by Canadian geese.  Patty was SURE they were deer because they were HUGE!!!  A quick through my lens told the story ... geese!!
On the way back the drops started falling from the sky again, so we hurried along until I saw the doe hiding in the trees.  We skidded to a stop so Patty could ohh and ahh!!  She was a beauty.
Now soaked, we made it back to the RV's just in time for ice cream!!!  It's so neat that every day is something new!!

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