Monday, May 20, 2013

Head 'Em Up!!

After a couple more quilt store stops for Patty and an Ace Hardware heater stop for me, we headed off to Baker City and the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center for a rush one hour tour.  Since I'm behind in blogging due to my internet connection (which after 2 hrs on the phone has been fixed ... sort of), I'll just show some images without much writing ...
Inside was a portrayal of a wagon train on the trail, which passed over this very area.
I was expecting plastic animals ... and was very surprised to find they were all taxidermy of the real thing.
 As you walked by each section, a recording would play of the conversation that might be taking place at that instant in time.
 Here's a pic of a real family crossing the Oregon Trail.
Being such a horse lover, this poor guy was a little disturbing .... 
 A look out the window gave us a first hand view of the trail ... we didn't have time to walk down to the  "actual" trail, so I took this image instead.  A beautiful country if you hadn't already lost several members of your family on this monumental trek.
They closed at 4:00 and were shooing us out ... I purchased a couple of books to read .. first hand accounts and diaries.

Back at the rigs in McEwen, we excitedly await the Heisler wood burning steam train we are riding tomorrow morning.  There will be no sleeping tonight!!!

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