Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Quilt Shop Dream .. or Maybe A Nightmare!!

A quick consultation in the morning resulted in Patty and I heading out to Coeur d' Alene.  Looking for a Great Clips for her and a quilt shop for me, we went through an amazing little town, Spirit Lake.  Wouldn't you just like to say you were from Spirit Lake???  We saw a little church for sale and took note.  Finally on Hwy 95 headed south, we passed by Silverwood Amusement Park.  It wasn't open yet, but on our return trip, people were flying high in the parachute drop!!  They have something called the Spin Cycle that I'm sure I would hate, as well as a huge wooden roller coaster.  They even have a 1915 Steam Locomotive you can ride around the park.  At the far end is a huge water park for when it's warmer.  Looks like RV camping is available, 30 amp full hookups for $39/night.
It being a Holiday, Great Clips was closed, as was Bear Paw Quilt Shop.  I netted a couple pieces at Hancock Fabrics and Patty found an I.D. tag for Miss Gracie at Petco.  On to Walmart, we stocked up on printer ink, a blanket, baking materials, yarn and several $5 Old Western dvd's in preparation for the lack of TV and Internet connections in Canada and the outback of Alaska.  We thought Broderick Crawford, Highway Patrol would be hilarious, but Dan didn't quite agree!!!

On the way back, we stopped by the little church.  I think it would be a great place to open a quilt/yarn shop, since there don't seem to be any in the area.  A small building attached to the back looks like the residence, and it has a great basement.  It looks like it has been for sale for a long time.  I couldn't quite convince Patty ... even though she need only work during the summer months.  Later I found it on-line for $49,500 cash only.  Built in 1908, no financing was available.

Main Floor (from internet site)

Outside (this is my image)
I just think it would make the cutest quilt/yarn shop ... people would stop just to see the inside!!  Course it does need just a little restoration!!  It even still has some of the stained glass windows.  At the very least, it would be an amazing 6000+ sq ft summer house.  I wish I had the nerve to take it on!!!

Dinner at the Golf Shop Grill was okay, but nothing to write home about.  Back at my rig, I have had a hankering for banana bread, which I set about making.  I love to bake, but have never used a convection oven, even though my oven at home is both electric and convection.  I checked on the internet for a time/temperature conversion chart and found all I had to do was lower the temperature 50 degrees.  I have to say, it came out pretty good.  I think I cooked it a little too long, something about small loaves versus one large loaf ... the bottom is a little crusty, but delicious!!!!
Looks like a rainy day today as we head to Sand Point for Canadian money to avert any conversion charges.

If you are interested in the church, give me a call ..... I won't hold my breath though!!!

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  1. If you decide to go ahead with this project, we will work camp for you in the summer. I could do classes too. (huge giggle)