Friday, May 10, 2013

Now You See Her ... Now You Don't!!!

After a great stay in Likely Place, we headed North again towards Bend up Hwy 395, then Hwy 31.  This is beautiful country to be driving through with lots of cattle and horses.  I'm loving all the ranches and small towns with NO traffic.

I'm posting this image because Dan posted the same one.  Funny, we're driving down the road and taking the same pics!!
The little town of Lakeview had a great old theatre, but sadly a lot of the businesses were empty.  You can definitely see the state of the economy here.
The views were amazing,  from huge lakes and green fields to snow covered mountains.
On arrival in the Sunriver area, we pulled into the Thousand Trails campground, luckily ahead of four other rigs.  There are a limited number of 50 amp services here.  Dan staked out two of the best with satellites in mind.  I seriously can't believe I drove down this little road and backed into this space.
It took some jockeying to get in a position where the Dish picked up the satellite ... 9 days without TV would have cost me a fortune in yarn.  But thanks to Dan's expertise, it got locked in.

While running in and out of my rig, checking the dish, moving forward, checking the dish, Jessie sat on the couch and watched.  Now you see her ......
Now you don't .....
Next thing I know, I've put the slides in ... and I can't find her!!  OMG!!!!  Dan and I panic ... well I panicked anyway ... I opened the slides, called and called ... moved everything.  You can imagine me running crazy.  She must have gotten out ... the little stinker.  So we ran outside and started calling when Dan yelled loudly "she's here"!!!  Jessie is fixated on their cat Gracie.  If she is outside anywhere, she's heading for their door ... which is exactly what she did.  When Patty heard her scratching she grabbed her and went inside ... except Gracie wasn't having ANY of that!!!  Poor Patty is trying to keep Jessie on the chair while Gracie is fuzzed up and snarling ready for a fight!!

All's well that ends well ... Jessie is back in her own house.  From now on, both dogs will be locked in the bedroom while setup is completed!!!

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