Thursday, May 16, 2013

I Could Live Here ... Yup I Could!!

That's what you would have heard were you in Dan's jeep yesterday as we drove through the mountains.  Heading for Tumalo Falls, we drove a long loop around Mount Bachelor.  I like Dan's style of driving ... he's like a photographer.  If you see something that looks interesting, STOP!!  The first screeching of brakes brought us to Crane Prairie Dam on the Deschutes River.  We walked across the small earthen dam until we ran into a cabin with a nice hammock.  I could live here!!!
We drove about 50 miles around the Cascade Lakes Highway loop and stopped a couple of times along the way for photos.  Here was a beauty of Mt Bachelor ... or Broken Top ... or South Sister ... there are so many beautiful mountains, I never really knew which one we were looking at.  I can tell you they were  all gorgeous!!
There were lots of lakes, most of which we couldn't get to.  It's a little early in the season here and all the gates were locked.  Not that that would have stopped me, but it was VERY cold!!  Most of the meadows were swampy with lots of snow still on the ground.  I sure would like to live here!!
Devils Lake with crystal clear water, was surrounded by snow too.  Because of the clouds blocking the sunshine, we didn't stay outside very long!!!
Further around we found a sign showing a photographer (sorry, I can't remember his name) who stated he thought this was the most beautiful spot ever to photograph.  I agree.  I think I could live here!!
After a stop at Mount Bachelor Ski Resort to watch the skiers hitting the slopes at about 7,000 feet, we headed back to Bend to find Tumalo Falls.  A couple of miles on a dirt road brought us to this beauty.
It's only 89 feet high, but it's spectacular!!  If you look in the top left hand corner, you can see the viewpoint railing.  A short 1/4 mile walk up an easily accessible trail, gets you to the top where you can lean over and look down.
This huge dead tree is definitely in the way of a great photo, but doesn't look like it's moving any time soon.  The red at the bottom of the falls is a different layer of rock.

Yes ... I definitely think I could live here!!

While driving around, I received a call that my Jeep was ready at Smolich Motors.  Window motor fixed ... no charge ... and Patty and I were off and running.  We had three more quilt shops to hit!!

If you are a quilter, DEFINITELY come to Bend.  I've never seen so many quilt shops in one town.  There are three in Bend and eight within 20 miles.  I picked up a fairly easy pattern for a rag quilt and found several pieces of flannel.  Actually I found 13 pieces of flannel!!
And we still have ONE MORE SHOP!!!!

I could live here ... yup I could!!

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  1. What a cute Blog today. Love reading you and Dan. It's like a twofer. Have fun on your great adventure.