Monday, May 13, 2013

An Amazing Find!!!!

With shopping in mind, Patty and I headed out to the small town of Sisters.  Named for the three mountains below, it was rebuilt a couple of times due to fire, as most old west towns.  In 1940 the first Sisters Rodeo was held, becoming the main attraction ever since.
The local cowboy store named Leavitts caught my eye because of their stock of Lucchese handmade cowboy boots.  I've been looking for a dress pair.  What a shock when I looked at the price.  I actually thought it was a style number ..... these two pair shown here were $1126 and $1029.  Wow ... my horse probably wouldn't let me get on him with those on my feet!!!  Too bad, cuz they were really nice!!

Then I came to the amazing find!!  While walking around Leavitts, I noticed an old pair of leather pants ... the kind the early 1900's cowgirls used to wear, like in Buffalo Bill and bronc riding shows.  I immediately grabbed them and asked where they came from.  The sales girl said they were on consignment from an elderly female veterinarian.  I lovingly checked them over.  No rips, no tears, all the snaps were there and the leather was in excellent shape.  I have NEVER seen a pair in person nor have I seen anyone else with a pair ... I have only seen them in early rodeo photos.  I actually put them down ... once ... and picked them back up.  I'm sure Patty thought I was crazy, but I HAD to have them  ... and here they are.  Seriously, if I lose maybe 10 pounds, I could wear them, they are in that good of condition!!!!  This is the find of the century as far as I'm concerned and they are now hanging in my closet!!  I'll round up a little saddle soap and spend my evenings rejuvenating them even more!!
The bad news is that when I went to roll down the window on my jeep, it made the most awful noise, like fingernails on a chalkboard.  I though the glass was going to break.  First thing, I'm heading to the Jeep dealership and hope it can be repaired before we leave Bend.

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