Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sales Pitch 101 .....

Today was our meeting with the real estate sales associate about purchasing a lot here in Stoneridge Motor Coach Village.  I wasn't looking forward to this at all, but I must say Aaron Knight was as nice as he could be.

We started out in sunshine, but by the time we hit the sales office and got in the private-tour golf cart, it was raining.  We drove around a little, while he explained that the townhouses were time shares, handled by a different company.  I figured that was one less "no" we had to verbalize.  After seeing where the new Golf Clubhouse was going to be, Patty politely asked if we could stop by their coach for jackets.   Now layered up to our chins, we headed back to the real estate office.

After Dan explained that none of us were interested in golf at all, Aaron quickly figured out we weren't going to buy and began to talk about where he used to live in Alaska, an area that Patty and Dan were familiar with.  Thirty minutes later, we said our goodbyes and headed back to our rigs.  That was the easiest sales pitch I didn't even have to say no to!!!

We did get a list of those units for sale, along with the prices.  Here's what it looks like ... these are all Developer owned.  There were another 10 lots for sale by owners.
I'm in 316 ... $104,900 if I wished to purchase.  We are at the back of the park where the lots are bigger, thus the higher price.  If you love golf and are looking for a place to park for 4-5 months every year, this is a gorgeous place to stay.
Sites like this one that have been upgraded with outdoor kitchen and building, for resale by owner, run from $199,000 to $260,000.  Woohoo ... thats too high for my blood!!!
Back at our rigs, I got the best birthday present from Patty and Dan ..... a spike from the Sumpter Valley Railroad!!!!  I'm going to enlarge one of my engine images and attached this to the frame!!!!
Another awesome Patty dinner of tilapia and veges finished the day for me.  A little puppy play time and I'm ready to hit the hay!!

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