Thursday, May 30, 2013

Coeur d' Alene .... Moving On .....

Back to Coeur d' Alene for Patty's hair cut today!!!  A quick Walmart stop for a couple things, then it was off to Bear Paw Quilt Shop!!  3200 sq ft of beautiful fabrics.  I think I walked around three times before picking several pieces PLUS something called a "charm pack" that I had never heard of.  Beautiful fabric pieces, already selected and cut into 5" squares.  You can make your design as easy or as hard as you like!!
Next door was a yarn shop ... it's funny how I can make quick decisions in a quilt shop ... but in a yarn shop, I walk around and around and can't decide on anything!!!  Thirty minutes later, I had one skein for a pair of fingerless gloves.

While Patty got her hair cut, I checked out YELP for a quick lunch before heading home.  I found a place that specialized in grilled cheese sandwiches ... MELZ !!  I wasn't sure I could convince Patty to take part in the cheesy goodness, but she agreed to share one.
It was AWESOME!!!!!  Sourdough bread with 4 different cheeses ... we could have added bacon or chicken, but why mess up a good thing!!

As you can see, Patty thought it was pretty good too!!!
Shopping done, I couldn't leave without one more look at the church.  One of the locals suggested it be registered as a historical building, making it eligible for restoration monies.  A good possibility, but I don't have time to check it out.  I'll see if it's still on the market when we return from Alaska.  You never know ... make an offer and they just might jump at it!!!
Our comped week at Stone Ridge Motor Village has come to an end and it's time to pack up.  We will cross the Canadian border this morning and head north.  This was a perfectly beautiful place to spend our week.  If you picked up a "ticket" at FMCA, be sure to head this way ... and if you play golf, all the better!!!  There will be little to no internet connection for the next week or so.  Dan's Sprint seems to work a little better than my Sprint MiFi ... so check out his Travel By Chance blog if you don't find anything here.

Head 'em up ...

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