Friday, May 31, 2013

Oh Canada!!!!!

First off ... OMG !!!  I've never been so frustrated with an internet connection (I'm on the park WiFi now).  I've tried everything, even using Chrome and Firefox.  Nothing seems to work.  I can't upload any images no matter how small they are, and nine times out of ten I can't get my blog site to open.  Funny it worked great in the US ... now I just can't seem to figure out the problem.  To make it worse, Dan's computer with Firefox seems to work just fine .. and we use the same blog site.   Finally I got a few photos to load ... I think someone turned on the amp this morning.

Blanchard, Idaho to Golden, British Columbia Canada ... 364 miles by my odometer!!  Not exactly a relaxing drive this time.   The roads were rough causing my RV to roll side to side and we hit quite a bit of rain.
We fueled up in Laclede on Hwy 2 and headed to the border.  When I stopped at the border crossing, she told me to turn the engine off and NOT use the air brakes.  Wait--Wait-- I've never done that before.   Do they go to school to learn that look??  Thankfully I kept my foot on the brake and was able to restart.  I guess I passed the Canadian driving test because she let me go!!

I haven't seen much in the way of wildlife yet.  A couple deer, LOTS of crows and a gaggle (or whatever you call them) of turkeys crossing the road.  I've never seen a wild turkey before ... pretty cool.
We got into Golden about 4:00pm and found Whispering Spruce campground ... I would call it an RV park, but it's really not for our size rigs.  The roads are VERY narrow with lots of trees.  We have no satellite (too many trees) and had to relocate to get 30 amp power.  Dan tried to picnic at a table from the drivers seat, almost moved a tree over two feet and could have run off the cliff, were he not an excellent driver.  Then it was my turn ... good thing I'm shorter!!  I did think it was kind of funny that the guy with the 20' Class C came running out with his camera taking pictures as I negotiated the campground.  I just smiled and waved!!!

I'd love to show you more of the beautiful green tree-covered mountains and the cold white stuff on top, but alas, every time I try to upload any images, it comes crashing down.  I'm really hoping when we get into Alaska my internet connection will return and I can show you how pretty it is here.

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