Friday, May 17, 2013

A Quiet Rainy Day ...

MY weather station said it was going to be sunny for the next ten days, but they were wrong.  It started raining early yesterday and continued until this morning.  There wasn't much on the agenda today.  A trip to Costco for a few supplies ended in a $75.00 bill, mostly batteries!  Patty and I cruised the aisles for lunch like true "old" folks.  The energy bar was nasty ... dry and not very tasty.  The granola with soy milk was good, but high in calories (I can't believe I put soy milk in my mouth!!!).  The multi grain tortilla chips were awesome (I bought a bag big enough to last all summer).  Patty said she could make the dip that came with them cheaper, so we passed on that.  The cheese on a cracker was easily passed on ... then we came to the rigatoni with meat sauce.  We LOVED it ... but Dan turned up his nose, so that was a no too.  Tell the truth now ... I KNOW all of you have cruised the aisles.

There wasn't enough to satisfy Dan's appetite, so Jakes helped out with a bacon cheeseburger.  The soup I had tasted like Campbells, but was filling enough.  The cornbread was a little better.

Back home, we quickly dropped Dan off and headed out to the last quilt store.  It was Patty's time to buy ... you know there is no sales tax in Oregon!!  South in LaPine, we found food for my Jeep at $3.99 for regular.  Ouch!!  At the quilt store, we oohed and awwed at the amazing number of rainbow colored fabrics and  Patty found three flannel pieces for her rag quilt.  A quick stop at the bank to replenish my cash stash, and we headed back home.

BBQ'd ribs, squash and baked beans made a delicious dinner!   Hey Patty ... maybe we need to make just one more "quick" quilt store stop!!!

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