Thursday, May 2, 2013


The BIG DAY has arrived!!!  I distinctly remember talking about this trip 1-1/2 years ago.  It seemed so far into the future ... how time flies!

There was one slight glitch last night ... nothing like a last-minute panic attack!!  Patty and Dan came back from Sonora to ask the question that makes your blood run cold .... did you check with Canada about taking your parrot Jonathan across the border?  Worse yet, about getting him back into the States?  I'm sure you can guess the answer to that.  Although I spent $400 getting the dogs "warranted", I totally forgot about the bird.  After a quick internet search, it appeared crossing the border would not be a problem ... it was getting him back across.  Poor Jonathan would become a fugitive.  A quick call to my friend Chris resolved the question, but panic ensued again ... everything bird had been packed.  Short story is that I got him settled in at her house last night at 8:00.  All that moving and a new cage, is very stressful for a bird.  Here's hoping he survives!!!  To be honest, it will be much easier on me not having to worry about him crashing to the floor or freezing to death!!!

Summer Camp or Horse Jail??

I guess it depends on whether you are the horse or not!!  In this case, it's summer camp for Showby.  I packed up his grain and meds yesterday and headed to his temporary home.  He went in the trailer a 25 year old and came out a 3 year old.   He was so happy to see some other horses, he started talking to them immediately.  People couldn't believe he was the same horse they saw in January.  The meds are working very well!!!

After putting down lots of soft bedding, I released him in the stall.  It would be nice if he had a little more room, but one of the effects of Cushings is elevated temperature.  Since it gets over 100 here routinely during the summer, he needs shade.
I was a little concerned if he would eat and drink.  Being at new places, horses tend to do neither.  Especially since the water trough is that tiny little thing hanging off the fence behind him.  Not something he's used to at all.  I hung around and chatted for about 30 minutes, waiting for him to settle in.  He must have felt very comfortable, because his head went in the hay bin immediately!!  From there he went right over and took a nice long drink.  Trust me, this NEVER happens.
I'm much relieved that he's a happy camper and the owners will take good care of him.

After some vehicle shuffling, we'll be off this morning, my stomach full of butterflies!!!

See you down the trail ............

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