Wednesday, May 22, 2013

OH NO, IT'S SNOWING!!!!!!!!! (Joseph and the Fainting Goats!)

My second worst nightmare has come true.  We are supposed to leave this morning at 10:00 and it's SNOWING!!  A LOT!!!!!
After that wonderful train ride, we headed North again, reaching Enterprise Oregon around 4:00 pm.  Patty and Dan's good friends Diana and Bob live here in a beautiful house on the hill, along with their dogs Buddy and BooBoo.  Here's the view from my rig.  Amazing sights!!!
Also visiting were THEIR good friends Brenda and Bob, who brought their labradoodle Chloe and the newest addition to the family, Bella.  Little Bella was full of you-know-what and wanted to growl and bite everything in site, including the black lab Buddy.
 Here's Chloe ... best personality ever!!!  As you can see, everyone gets to stay inside at this house!!
We went to the town of Joseph, named after the "real" Chief Joseph of the Nez Pierce Indians, to shop around (quilt shop) and have lunch.  Little Bella didn't last long before she fell asleep under the table.
For whatever reason, several bronze foundries are located here, and on every street corner, each has a bronze statue.  Some were for sale, but I'm pretty sure they cost more than my house!!  Even "Arnold" had a sculpture commissioned (of himself of course) and in driving around we saw it at the foundry.
 These were all lifesize .....
 One more jump and this guy goes off ... he's lost a stirrup and I see "butt air" ......
 This was the view from our lunch table.  Pretty amazing here in the spring!!!
Once home, we went next door to see the fainting goats.  No, Patty didn't scare them, so they didn't fall over ... but boy are they the cutest things you ever saw.  There are two moms, both who had twins, being fed by the daughter of the owner.  They were just adorable!!
How could you turn down this little face???  We fed, cuddled and petted them, just like they were dogs.  One kind of stiffened up a little, but no one crashed!!
 King of the mountain!!!
On the way out this guy was fluffing up and cleaning his feathers.  I thought it was a robin red breast, but he was more orange colored.  Lots of geese here, peacocks, horses ... my kind of neighborhood.
We leave today heading further north to Stoneridge Estates, a private RV park in Idaho, through something called Hell's Canyon???  Nothing like a "trial by fire" RV driving test!!!

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  1. We love the Wallowa's and Joseph. So many deer in that area too. Hope the snow didn't keep you grounded too long.