Saturday, February 17, 2024

Fabulous Cupcakes!!!

Here they are folks!  The cupcakes for the party!!  Pretty amazing, yes?  Just look at those colors ... at the frosting.  Can you imagine how much time it took to make them?  Well they really are cupcakes and not flowers, but unfortunately they are not OUR cupcakes.  These came from Taylor Made Cakes online ... and sadly, it's just a picture.  One of these days I'll learn how to do this.

Patty and I did work tirelessly for almost 30 minutes making the cupcakes for the party.  Of course I forgot to take a picture, which is why I'm showing you THIS one.

Cupcakes are made, but they won't be frosted until this morning.  Everyone pray we don't mess them up.  I promise I'll have pictures of chocolate on chocolate!!

 Once that was accomplished, I had the lovely job of dumping my tanks.  This is me doing the same thing in Quartzsite.  Yessirree ... I'm falling down on the job.  There are so many parts to do this compared to my old rig, that I really have to concentrate on getting it done right.  Yeah, no pictures here either.  I should have told the eight people watching me to take a picture.  Thankfully, everything came out in the end.

On to the next project.  I found my doggie clippers and went to town grooming Cooper's belly.  He moved, I didn't, and I cut him a little close on one leg.  That was it for grooming.  Now he was acting all weird, like his leg was going to fall off (there wasn't even any blood) so off we went in the truck trying to distract him.  

It's like driving your baby around town so they quit crying.  We drove all around the fairgrounds smelling the smells until he was again a happy camper.  This picture couldn't say it any better.

Yup ... here's his happy face that always makes his Mom smile.

I apologize for not having a decent blog day.  I finished up with a little vacuuming of the goatheads off the floor after finding the first one with my bare foot.  There's not much vacuuming.  You actually have to crawl all around the rugs on your hands and knees until another one sticks to you.  Luckily I've found more than Cooper has.

By the way, Patty says thank you for all the birthday wishes.

This morning I'll be off to frost those cupcakes.  Wish us luck because there are none to spare.  In fact, Patty and I may not eat any at all to be sure we have enough!  Or maybe we'll hit Safeway on the way because as you know you can NEVER have enough cupcakes!!!


  1. The "HATEFUL" time I think I pulled 20 out of Bubba's feet. Poor boy got out to wee wee and froze and looked back at me, had to pick him up, turn him over and pull them all out without a complaint from Bubba

    1. Wow ... that's a LOT! It's weird you don't see any growing, but you sure do feel them on your feet.

    2. Not weird when you stop along the road at a pullout and there happened to be a huge patch of Puncturevine!

  2. That Cooper...what a character. The cupcakes are going to look just fine. Enjoy the party!

    1. Thank you Elva!! You were right. They were edible! LOL

  3. Bet your cupcakes will be awesome.
    I remember those dang Goatheads when I was a kid... ouch!!

    1. Weren't they awful? We didn't have many on the ranch, so we were lucky.

  4. It's been Twelve Years since making flowers like that. Our teacher was upset that mine were better than her's.
    Hate those Goatheads, especially in your bare feet.
    Be Safe and Enjoy that smiley face.

    It's about time.