Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Will Wonders Never Cease

You know what this picture means ..... it was Magic Kingdom of Bingo night.  To make it even more interesting, I drug my friend along to the castle and put her to work in the dungeon.

It was interesting to try and work with one hand.  Being a good girl, I wore the brace.  I have to say it's MUCH better and I'm even going to go back to sewing, just a little at a time.

After our "pump up your courage" glass of coca cola, we headed downstairs to set up ... actually a little ahead of time.  The Castle Lawyer had the same idea and beat us to it.  She was all set up and ready to go with our new infernal mini-me debit card machine plugged in to a new internet cable.  We call it that because we had loads of trouble with the cash register when it was new.  The card machine has been no exception, just smaller.

We were off to the races immediately.  Here we go .... the big TEST!  In less than one second (yes, really) it said remove card and spit out a receipt, faster than lightning.  Will wonders never cease.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  A few more cash transactions went through when another card came up.

Slam bam, thank you ma'am, it went through slick as could be.  You should have seen the smile on my face.  Nancy was a happy camper as card after card went through in seconds instead of minutes.  The line never slowed down and we didn't have ANY mad customers.

In no time, the Evil Sheriff came by to check if it was working.  I gave him a thumbs up, whereupon he patted himself on the back for about ten minutes.  That's when we found out HE didn't do the work alone, one of our Bingo Crew ran all the wires for the direct internet connection.  No matter, it works, after 14 months of us bitching at him to fix it.
We all should have gone upstairs for a celebration drink, but instead the Castle Lawyer and I celebrated with pizza from one of the players.  Fifteen minutes later, after a little snafu with our order for pepsi at the snack bar, we had two cheeseburgers and fries to get rid of.

You have to pick your fights, and telling the Chief Cook she made a mistake is NOT a good idea.  RATS ... this is NOT on my diet!!

We gave one to friend Cyndae, while the Castle Lawyer and I agreed to share one.  Ever try to cut a cheeseburger in half with a fork?  My dull pocket knife wasn't much better, and by the time I was done, it was pretty mangled, with a big hole in the bottom of the plate.  I stabbed my piece and ate around the edges before depositing the rest in the bin.

At the end of the night, mini-me closed out on the very first try.  Amazing ... and such a simple fix.  Too bad it took us getting mad enough to go to the Board to get it done.  The Evil Sheriff came by to gloat some more.  His arm must have been really sore, having spent all night patting himself on the back and telling everyone about what a great job he had done.

You know me, or maybe you don't, but I told him if he had done this many moons ago, he wouldn't have had to listen to me bitch at him.  Sorry, I couldn't help but dig him a little.  It's nice to know there will be no more apologizing on our part for a machine that wasn't working correctly.

Unfortunately, I ended the night with a sick puppy.  Poor Jessie made a really big mess in my bathroom while I was gone and her gurgling stomach kept me up most of the night.  Poor baby ... I'm going to revamp her food AGAIN to see if we can make it better.

For now, I think it's nap time on the couch.  I know it's only 6:00 in the morning, but I'm yawning already and I need sleep before the College Photography Class critique I'm doing tonight.


  1. Thank is amazing that you finally got the mini me working and such a simple fix.
    Hope Jessie gets feeling better soon.
    Now that College Photography critique sounds interesting, have fun.

  2. Great! I love the dig too, he deserved that at the VERY least!
    Hoping little Jessie's tummy settles. I know what listening to that is like and we can't do much but sit with them.