Thursday, May 31, 2018

Scrolling Can Get You In Trouble

Okay, I admit I should be in Quilters Anonymous.  The six days however, would not be quite the truth.  I happened upon a Facebook account in the name of National Quilters Circle.  They have a Block Challenge going on.  What the heck is that?  So I looked it up.  I should have just scrolled right on by.
I've always wanted to try making a sampler quilt.  They look VERY difficult, so I've passed them by.  This is what I found ... it's called the Lexington Sampler.  It comes with complete directions FOR FREE.  No mention of the fabric COST because you are supposed to use the fabric you have in your stash.  

What's a stash?  It's the closet full of all the fabric you've purchased and never used.  I have a big one, but all those fabrics were purchased to make a particular quilt.  Surely you wouldn't want me to steal from those!!
How could I pass up this opportunity?  I grabbed my stash of coupons and headed off to the quilt store.  I don't think I have ever traveled down this section of Highway 99 without there being an accident.  This day was no exception.  Traffic was backed up for miles because this car thought she had the right of way.  Big mistake, since the cattle truck was MUCH bigger than she was.
At any rate, I made it to the WAY too expensive quilt store to find them with very little fabric, since they were moving.  Back to town the other direction to find Joanns having a nice sale.  

This block challenge is really something.  People from all over the world have signed up.  Many of them are apparently not computer/iPhone literate.  My Facebook page was instantly inundated with "where do I get the pattern" questions.  It was simple enough, but hundreds didn't seem to be able to hit the right buttons.  It was so bad I couldn't find posts from my friends.  

There seemed to be several very patient ladies who gave directions over and over again.  Kudos to them because soon I was frustrated by the questions.  Just scroll down three times and you'll find everything you need.  No one scrolled.  Then came the thousands ... really, thousands .... of images of finished blocks.  Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all.  

Everyone's opinion of what fabric goes together is different.  Some were fabulously beautiful.  Some were downright .... well actually, I have no words.  Many made MY choice of turquoise fabric questionable.  I wasn't alone.  People started making TWO quilts.  After all, it's only two little squares a week.  

I'm sad to admit this is my SECOND version.  Yup ... I ran right back to Joanns with even more coupons and snatched up MORE fabric.  At least this one was 50% off.  Of course I posted it on Facebook.  What a really great group of ladies (and men) that I have so much in common with.  

So scrolling can get you in trouble.  The next block comes out today, and I'm sure there will be another thousand who didn't get it or can't find it, followed by even more postings of finished blocks. If I don't comment on a post YOU made, it's because I can't find it for the forest of block postings.

In the mean time when I wasn't scrolling, I finished sewing the binding on this lap quilt.  It's for the puppies and I on the couch.
It will take nine weeks to get all the block patterns and put the thing together.  I seem to be in trouble already.  The finished block should be 15-1/2 inches wide.  Mine are 15, in spite of very careful sewing and cutting.  I would ask why, but would be blasted with too many posts to read.  I'd hate to have to scroll right on by every one, which is what I should have done in the first place.

I'll be in my sewing room ..... scrolling!


  1. Hey is it there I can't find it how far down how many how do I do this where do I get that could you help me do this does it take much work can I get the colors right Can you send me a pattern how long does it take I don't have a sewing machine can I go take a nap now I'm a beginner what do I do with it later how big will it really be how long will it take me to finish can I sell it and make money could you be my quilt coach If it comes out wrong will you help me fix it
    Now that I got that out-of-the-way
    BUT ONE answer is in the question
    Try it it will solve your problem

    1. OMG ... that's exactly what it is!!! I had patience enough to answer about 75 of them, but if they just read even PART of the link, they would have found it.

    2. Can I go take a nap now,,,,
      was the key to the answer

  2. Good luck with your scrolling and quilts... sounds frustrating but a challenge non the less.

    1. Thank you ... I'm going to need it George. I'm beginning to think this is WAY beyond my skill level.

  3. Wow, well good thing you enjoy quilting!It will all work out and the reward at the end hopefully is worth it. :)
    Good luck!

    1. It's always worth it in the end .... and in the meantime, it keeps me out of the fridge!!

  4. I was a quilter for a bit - it's not as easy as it looks, not like putting a puzzle together at all! I, too, had a large stash and all the quilting tools, machine, etc. It all went in my estate sale when I hit the road. There were some very lucky people who visited my sale! But I brought two of the quilts with me, and I still love them - they are not full size quilts, but make great lap blankets, and fit perfectly on my up-bunk in the RV. One is a "real" quilt, and the other is a rag quilt. I LOVE the fabric I chose. I made one for each of my grand kids, too. They are far easier to make than a regular quilt. :)