Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Accidental Yoga

I don't practice Yoga.  Ever since I took that first class twenty years ago and found out I'm not the least bit flexible, probably from being bucked off a horse once or twice, I figured it wasn't for me.  Little did I know it would become an every morning experience.

As soon as it gets light out, Cooper is chomping at the bit to play the ball game.  Once I open the bedroom door, the game is ON!!  Where's the BALL?
Once he finds it, the latest game is to roll it under my armoire and bark for me to retrieve it.  Such a fun game at 4:30-5:00 in the morning.  That's when the yoga begins.  This is me getting down on the floor so I can find the ball.  Not so appropriately, this is the Cat pose.
Then I stretch out as far as I can to look underneath the massive structure to find the ball at the very back corner.  Grabbing my trusty coat hangar, I drag aforementioned ball to the front where Cooper triumphantly grabs it from me and runs to the other side of the room.
I figure I might as well stay awhile since I'm on the floor anyway.
Getting back up is always an adventure in balance and grace.  I'm pretty sure I don't look like this.  Thank goodness no one is looking.  Just about that time, Cooper rolls the ball back under the armoire and the game resumes.  If nothing else, he keeps me flexible enough to get up and down off the floor.
Outside with my cup of morning fake java, I discovered a full moon.  A gorgeous one peaking through the trees that I missed taking photos of.  
Serenaded by my bird buddy, every morning like clockwork, I tried to gear up for the day's events.  First off, make a salad for the Memorial Day barbecue at a friends house.
I wasn't there long .... it was a healthy 98 degrees yesterday with no shade to speak of.  That's when I wish I had a swimming pool.  This was me, oh my aching back, after chasing the kids around the yard.  Luckily when I left, the man of the house followed me home to help plant my mail box.
One thing I can say for sure, not only did I get a yoga workout, I got a weight lifting workout to boot.  I didn't quite look this good lifting the bag.   Do you have any idea just how heavy those bags of quickrete are?  Oh ... you got a "small" bag he says.  If I got one any larger, I would not have been able to get it in my truck, let alone carry it all the way to the mail box site.  Now I need a chiropractor!!
Thank goodness he brought a post hole digger.  All I had was a shovel that wasn't so good at going through the rock and concrete-like dirt.  We only went down twelve inches, but it took thirty minutes just to get through the first eight inches of rock.

Not a great image of the mail box, but it does show the old post and the house responsible for me having to install a NEW box.  Notice I positioned the new box in a strategic location so they will break their car on the old one before hitting my NEW one!!
By the end of the day, this was me in my last yoga pose.  It's called (appropriately) the CORPSE and that's exactly what I felt like when I finally hit the couch.  
If I keep this up, I'll either be a master yoga student or a mess of quivering flesh on the floor screaming out for ASPIRIN!!!  It's time to go for my morning run.  Hopefully that will loosen me up a little.


  1. Instead of storing stuff IN the armoire why not stored box stuff underneath the armoire and the ball can't go under there
    See NO contortionist positioning required
    And if that's not in your liking drill two holes in the ball and put a piece of rope about 3 feet long,, put a knot at each end,,, pull rope the ball comes with it
    See no stuff under the armoire
    The job of humans is to train the dog,,,, not the dog train the human
    Sounds like you have a role reversal situation

    1. Role reversal with a capital R, Ed! Haven't found a storage box three inches high yet. I've already used every rolled up rug in the house for things like the couch, the chairs, the stove ..... LOL

  2. Hey sounds like you had yourself a good work out Flexing all those muscles that need flexing. Hope your run loosened you up and the aspirin took the pain away. Mai box looks good.

    1. I most certainly did George, and I feel it this morning. Aspirin here I come!

  3. you had me howling with this post, thank you Nancy for the belly chuckle. :)
    I've sent it to my sister Donna who is an avid yoga-er. :) She'll enjoy it! Take care and you should thank Cooper for keeping you in shape.

    1. I should thank Cooper, but the sore muscles always win out. I know yoga is good for you, but for someone not so flexible, it's literally a pain!