Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The Full Moon Is Bleeding Over

The lovely light from the almost full moon shining down on the Elks Lodge caused havoc.  It doesn't take much in the Magic Kingdom of Bingo.  It's kind of like the Cops show on TV.  You never know what's going to happen.

I first received a text message from my partner in crime, the Castle Lawyer, that she was sick and dizzy, meaning she wasn't going to show up.  She called our friend the Stand-in who gives up her evening of playing bingo to help out.  I'm always thrilled because she knows what she's doing!!

Instilled with energy from TWO coca colas, I set up the table and cash register.  Let the games begin!!  All went not quite so well as I struggled to get the first thirty people through the line alone.  The Stand-in was a little late, but no problem, I can handle it!!

That's when the crowds arrived.  The King decided to play an extra pull tab game with a payout of $1199.  The first of the month is always packed to the gills since payday has hit the bank.  Add to that another 50 people when word gets around about the two hot ball pots, $1199 and $954 respectively.  That plus all my payouts adds up to some hefty prizes.
We were humming right along until the mini me calculator went haywire, as it has been doing for the last six months.  It did it's unsolicited reversal routine.  The lady wasn't happy about that at all!  She checked her phone and said it went through.  Thoughts of being in a fistfight went through my head.  She was much taller and three times my size.  I was going to lose.

I apologized, but my machine said it was cancelled.  The full moon effect jumped into overdrive when I said I would have to run it again.  She began yelling at me saying I was NOT going to take ANOTHER $74 from her.  She wanted her first $74 back but was keeping the Bingo cards.

I tried to explain that nothing had come from her account but she waved her phone in my face and began to scream at the men to make that #$%@#!! lady give her the money back.  I politely refused since it never went through in the first place, as I had flashbacks of being bullied in high school.  Weird the things you remember.  We stood at impasse until the King finally showed up!

I can't go by your phone he said.  I have to go by the machine.  Either she runs your card again or you don't play Bingo.  Oh -- okay she said sweetly.  No problem!  WHAT????  You've been screaming at me and everyone else for ten minutes to give you your money back!!  I ran the card again and it worked.

An hour later she sidled up to the King and said she might have been wrong because it didn't appear to have gone through after all.  All that ruckus over nothing!!  That's Bingo for you!!

The next guy in line made me feel really good.  He said I was right not to give her any money back and I handled it very nicely.  See ... there ARE nice people out there.

The rest of the night went swimmingly and the infernal machine balanced to the penny.  I wish I could say the same for my stomach.  One of the perks of working Bingo is the goodies the ladies bring.  I've learned my lesson not to eat things cooked in people's kitchens, because, well you never know how clean they are.

Packaged things are good.  Or maybe not so much.  I received this yellow package of Korean crackers with writing I couldn't read.  Yummy honey sesame crispy morsels of deliciousness.  I ate the whole package, about 15 very thin pieces.  I brought the package home hoping I could find out what they are and order some more.
Or not ......... I was awakened at 2:00 am when my stomach started cramping up like wringing out a washcloth.  There's only three possibilities ... the cheeseburger, the crackers or the full moon.  Lets just say I won't be eating anything else any time soon.  Good grief by 4:00 am I was almost rolling on the floor.

Somewhat improved, I'll be on the couch for the duration!!  


  1. That full moon sure did a number on you.Glad you stood you ground with that lady. Dealing with the public is always an adventure, not always a fun one either. but most people are pretty decent.
    Hope you feel better soon.

    1. You are right George, most people are pretty decent. Then there's that ONE!! LOL

  2. Orion Gosomi Sweet Cookie Cracker, Amazon has them "if you dare have more..."

    1. How did you figure THAT out?? I'm not sure I dare at this point!


    Most any Oriental food market would have them

    1. Bingo is right! I don't know how you found them, but those are the ones. Kind of pricey .... and I'm not sure I want to try any more. Maybe when my stomach heals up!

  4. That full moon was trying but other than the tummy upset (torture!) you fared okay by standing your ground. that lady sounds like a real 'sweetheart', oh my. Did she have fire coming out of her ears? I hear the devil does.
    Hope you are fine this morning. Are you sleeping in your bed yet?

    1. She was one of those people who figure if they yell loud enough and make a commotion, she will get exactly what she wants. Still on the couch!