Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Well folks, just as I predicted, the mini-me debit card machine struck again!  I was happy it showed them I was telling the truth, but sad they still had not found the solution.

I trotted off to the Magic Kingdom early so as to have one tiny glass of fortification, meaning white zin wine, before stating my case before the Court Judge who knows all.  We didn't solve any world problems, but then we didn't care.

Soon I was off to set up the infernal machines.  I said a little prayer and opened the doors for business.  True to his word, the Judge came downstairs and sat on my shoulder during the first few transactions.  He just wanted to be sure I was doing it correctly.  I've no problem with that since we always follow the directions HE gave us.

In no time, out of four transactions, there were two that did not go through.  "Huh" he said.  Yeah, I've been telling you this for the past 12 months.  The new dedicated phone line didn't work.  He left to ponder that while we continued working.

An hour later, he came back again to discover six more bad transactions.  I explained every single one of them like he was a two-year old, just to be sure everyone understood the problem.  "Huh" he said again.

I was in seventh heaven ..... NOW he gets it.  It's not operator error and apparently changing the phone lines didn't work.  What now, Sherlock???  In the end, even with proof in front of him, I think the only reason he finally agreed something was wrong was because his wife dropped by after closing her flower shop.  Funny, she told him she was having the exact same problems with her machine.  To my amazement, HE BELIEVED HER!!!  No grilling or raking HER over the coals!!!
Now to close out.  He triumphantly informed us the upstairs bar closed out on the first try.  Yay for the upstairs bar!!  While he watched, I tried to close us out nine times.  Nothing.  By the tenth try, which didn't work either, he just turned around and walked away.  Ha!!!!!  Take that Court Judge.  I guess I won my case after all!!

Pizza and ice cream for everyone!!!  Not exactly, although once a month the Bingo crew DOES get pizza for dinner, and on this night, we were able to use our monthly allotment of Baskin Robbins ice cream we won at a donation auction/dinner.  It was a celebration!!

Feeling vindicated, we closed up shop and headed out the door.  No telling what will happen next time, as I won't be there.  Actually, at this point I'm not sure.  I am supposed to be going to a Golden Spike RV rally up North, but Miss Jessie is having bouts of sickness every couple of days, with Cooper joining in just for good measure.  I'm running out of paper towels and am not sure I want to deal with this while on the road.

Besides, how could I miss out on the Judge's next move?  I'll keep you posted!


  1. Yay for mini me.
    Glad that he was there to witness the whole things.
    Solution? Do it your way.
    Hope you can get to the Rally fun and Jessie is feeling better for everyones sake.

  2. During a speech, a supporter yelled out, "Give 'em Hell, Harry!" Truman replied, "I don't give them Hell. I just tell the truth about them, and they think it's Hell. Good going that wireless might look a little closer to being a reality.

    1. I never heard that before, but it's the truth! LOL

  3. Ain't it a bitch,,, don,t start high-five yourself until you get the new machines
    Remember the court jester 👺is the one that writes the checkS

  4. Three cheers for Mini-Me!You already have the answer, he just needs to accept once more that you already figured it out!

    1. At least he finally gets that there is a problem. That's half the battle!!