Thursday, May 10, 2018

Paddling Through Treacherous Waters

Having been given only 48 hours to come up with a solution to our mini-me infernal machine at the Magic Kingdom, I dove in head first.  After an appointment in town, I went to the nearest car wash.  Strange you might say, but there's a local business called Prime Shine Car Wash that uses all hand held devices to check you in and print out a receipt in record time.

Three car washes later, I couldn't find anyone who knew anything about it.  I headed home and hit the computer.  Do you have any idea how many companies and systems there are out there?  I'm at a distinct disadvantage since the Lodge also uses it for the bar and restaurant area, meaning I'm not familiar with the whole operation.

I was definitely swimming upstream when I decided to call and find out what company our current credit/debit card system was with.  I looked them up online and was instantly drowning in all the information.  I called the company and spoke to a very helpful tech support girl who said she would look up our account.

WAIT ..... I'm not calling in any kind of official capacity (at least I don't feel like I am) and the waters I'm treading in are very treacherous.  These guys have told me for over a year that they are working on it.  Imagine if I found a solution in 48 hours.  They will take away my life jacket and wave goodbye.

So here's what I found.  It's the upgraded version of what we have, but here's the good part.  It not only takes regular cards, but chip cards too and even does the tap-your-debit card thing.  Better yet, it's wireless.  She said it would work within 300 feet of our router.  No problemo!!

We need three.  The first one will be switched for free, the second two cost $400 each.  That sounds reasonable enough to keep me afloat.

So tonight I'll put my life on the line at the Board Meeting and see just how far I can swim under water.  I'll be holding my breath the entire time!!  There will be no life ring throwing ... it's sink or swim.
I thought this a good representation of what I should be.  Soft and fuzzy but with feet that can kill.  Just look at those claws?  This was one of several babies that needed fostering not long ago.  I'm going into zen mode and I'll be channelling baby barn owl tonight.
But first, I'm going to crash on the couch.  Miss Jessie was up sick all night long, not to mention my sciatic nerve was screaming at me.  I think I'll sit on an ice pack ... it will keep me cool until tonight.


  1. Good for you, love this hand held devices when we go out to certain places, right the in front of you and a recipe right away. I am sure that you can make it a good.
    Good luck with your sciatic, not fun to suffer like that.

    1. I think I may be a majority of one in the hand-held department! Hoping I can convince the non-techy people.

  2. By this time hope everything went well at the Meeting and you can still write about it.
    Not fun being in pain.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. As well as can be expected Rick! I'll just put on a happy face!

  3. Europeans have used these at restaurants for a very long time.

  4. Good luck! SBM, that is you. Small but mighty, go get 'em tiger!