Sunday, May 20, 2018

If It's Not Broken, Don't Fix It .....

A little rain must fall into everyone's life.  Thankfully what's fallen into my life hasn't been TOO traumatic!  The other saying, if it's not broken don't fix it, doesn't quite apply.  Lucky for me, it's not broken according to the x-rays.

I really do try to be careful, knowing I can be a klutz now and again.  A couple days ago I was playing with Cooper on the floor when out of the blue, I whacked the back of my hand on the sharpest corner of the coffee table.  OUCH!!!

It put me flat on the floor for quite some time before the pain subsided enough to sit up.  I gingerly moved my fingers.  It must be okay since they wiggled nicely.  Unfortunately, the more I wiggled them, the worse it got until two days later it was swelled up and painful all day long.

My magic bag of frozen peas worked for awhile, but the pain kept returning, especially when I was sewing the binding on the quilt.  Maybe I DID break something.  In the end, it's just badly bruised at the same spot full of arthritis from when the horse bucked me off.

This lovely splint will keep me from moving it most of the day, which will give it time to heal up.  So much for hand sewing for awhile, which is okay, since the binding for the next two quilts has disappeared.
This does not bode well for my AA personality that has to be moving and doing all the time.  Maybe I can still cook.  I put a plastic bag on my hand and poked my fingers through.  Perfect!!  I picked up these spare ribs the other day (only because they were out of baby backs) to test in my Instant Pot.
Several people have tried this recipe and say it's wonderful.  So here goes!  Seasoned up, they go into the pot in one big piece with a cup of beef broth in the bottom.  Twenty five minutes later, they were done, although I did a slow release of pressure for ten minutes before opening the pot.
They were fall off the bone tender.  Cut in half and placed on foil to keep cleanup to a minimum, I smothered them in sauce and broiled for ten minutes more.  They came out amazing, or at least they LOOKED amazing.

As I picked up a piece, the meat just feel off the bone.  I would love to say they were delicious.  The spice rub I used was not my own, so the flavor wasn't up to par.  I slathered on more sauce.  Not bad, but nothing like ribs smoked outside, or even barbecued outside on a grill.  Although good in a pinch, this recipe probably won't be repeated unless I find some baby back ribs.
So ..... now that I know the way around my brace is a plastic bag, I'm off to the Elks RV Park to help cook breakfast ... pancakes, sausage, eggs, fruit and whatever else they come up with.  Maybe I can bring something home so I don't have to cook again this weekend.  


  1. We do a crock-pot baby-back ribs...first, plastic bag in pot for easy clean-up. second, rub rib, we use a low carb rub, after olive oil has been rubbed into it, placing fat part of rib bone down into crockpot. (it will cook up to 6 rib pieces, 3-4 rib bones per piece). add 1/3 can of beer...we use MichUltra due to low carbs. last, pour 2-3 large table spoons (more if you wish) of BBQ Sauce over the top of ribs, this will run down the ribs as they cook...again, we are using a low carb bbq sauce. put crockpot on low, leave alone for 6-8 hours. 8 hours if you want fall apart ribs, 6 hours if you want them to sick to the bone. we have turned to warm after 5 hours and then 3-4 hours later they are also done.

    sorry about your hand...been there, done that.

    1. Those sound REALLY good! I used to do something similar with the big country ribs. Guess I'll have to get out my crock pot!

  2. My wrist brace allows just enough wiggle room to keep me from healing. Please, be carful about what you do. We want you to continue entertaining us. :)

    1. Oh no! Mine is pretty tight ... if I move my wrist, my whole arm turns with it!! LOL

  3. Something so simple can certainly lay us older folk up, eh? My goodness, whodathunk? I hope it doesn't take your hand long to heal.
    I'm very particular about ribs and never do they come out perfect unless I buy the pre-cooked ones.

    1. I guess my aim isn't as good as I think it is or I would have missed the coffee table. It's amazing that we actually DO heal up.