Sunday, May 13, 2018


To all the Moms out there .......

I didn't have time yesterday morning to show you Friday's adventure.  I was off to the Elks Lodge to prepare for Mother's Day breakfast.  Might I say the dirty 30 (thirty people do everything) has turned into the dirty FIVE.  I suppose everyone thinks there is plenty of help, so they are no shows.

At any rate, on Friday after a terrible 2-1/2 hour drive including the big fire, I arrived west of the town of Sacramento in the LITTLE town of Dixon.  They have a great May Fair, big enough to be fun, but small enough to be more personable.
This says it all.  Fair food!!  What could be better than something greasy, ooey and gooey.  I stayed away from the healthy stuff and went straight for the barbecued trip-tip sandwich.  I scarfed it down so fast I didn't even take a picture!!
My friend Cyndae and I then went to the quilt building to see the latest and greatest beauties hanging on the wall.  Strangely, I was met with "I'm so GLAD you volunteered"!!!   Ummm wait ... I didn't volunteer for anything.  I'm just here to take some pictures and eat greasy food.

Hijacked I tell you ... I was hijacked.  Little did I know my friend had volunteered us to work the building for three hours.  That means keeping the kids from touching things and being the meanies that make everyone with food stay outside.  

We were also charged with running the "vote for your favorite" contest.  I accosted everyone who entered the building.  
The entire time I walked around, I kept wandering closer and closer to the food competition tables.  I wish I had brought a big chunk of my banana bread.  This stuff was looking mighty delicious and my stomach was starting to grumble.
This little morsel in particular caught my eye and my camera.  The only thing that kept me at bay was the fact it had already been sitting there for two days.
The quilts were amazing and blinding, making me rub my eyes.  I don't think I could have this one in my house.  The colors are fabulous but I'd be buying new eyeglasses every couple of months.
This one won the grand champion award, along with the hand carved leather clock, bottom left.  I've done a lot of leatherwork in my lifetime (purses, belts, that kind of stuff) but I've never seen a class in any fair where you could enter and win a prize.  Pretty cool.
This was my all time favorite.  Not the feather lined hats, but the Cowboy Cats cross stitch.  I liked it so much I looked for it online.  It came with a $179 price tag ... and YOU complete it.  Yikes!!  By the way, I voted for my favorite quilts ... twice.  There were two and I couldn't decide.   Okay, truth be told, I voted for THREE.  Don't tell anyone.  
On the walk through the grounds on the way out, because time flies when you're guarding the quilts, I came across these three girls practicing their show moves with miniature goats.  The one on the left is in trouble.
There's more to go, but this story is being interrupted for Mother's Day.  Today I'll be mixing up egg casseroles, stirring up hash browns for baking and making nothing less than 15 gallons of gravy.  So far so good, the only thing I dropped was an entire can of sterno ... you know, the stuff you use in chafing dishes to create FIRE!!!!  I'll finish this story tomorrow!!


  1. Happy Mother's Day!
    Fairs are always fun but volunteering to keep sticky fingers away must have been a chore.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Actually not too bad Rick. The kids took it better than the adults!!

  2. She busy fun times you are having and cooking for a large crowd can be enjoyable as well once it all comes together.

    1. This particular one is a LOT of work, but fun when they say what a good breakfast!!

  3. WHAT, no pictures of the "Milk Farm" sign??? lol

    1. Didn't even get there Dave. Would have been fun though!

  4. I can almost smell the leather surrounding that clock. Ah, memories.

  5. You must have a sign on your forehead that says "I'm available" or something! ha ha I'm sure you had an enjoyable time all the same on Mother's Day.
    That pink quilt is hard to look at BUT can you imagine making it?? LOL

    1. Exactly!! Thing is though, it's better than sitting home alone day after day. I like being around the hustle and bustle.