Wednesday, May 30, 2018

What's To Complain About Now?

The Magic Kingdom of Elks Bingo comes around faster every week.  Honestly, it's not a bad place to be when the temperature rises to 98 degrees and above, as it did yesterday.  I know it was that hot because the brown spots are again starting to show up in my lawn.

It's like having measles.  They start out as little irritations and before I know it, they are a full blown case of scratching my head trying to figure out how to keep my PGE bill low and my grass green.  Soon it becomes a BIG irritation.

Here's the breakdown:  Just me (no sprinklers, no air conditioning)       $  75 /month
                                      Me and sprinklers                                                 200
                                      Me, sprinklers and A.C.                                       350

My plan is to try and keep the front section green and let the back part go.  After all, it can't be seen by the neighbors.  It might even become the new extension to my home cooking cemetery.
At any rate, I received a text message saying I was late to the North Tower jam session above the dungeon.  The Jester had just returned from Chicago to regale us with stories of Trump Towers and the beautiful weather.  Plus, it was his birthday to boot.  Any reason to celebrate.

When they tried to get inside Trump Towers for a drink, they were rebuffed at the front door where luggage unloading was happening for the nightly guests.  The entrance to the elevator was apparently around the corner, second door on the right.  You know, the servant's entrance.

He begged to differ, but I'm sure his levis had something to do with that.  The nice lady that met them at the elevator, took them straight to the bar.  No window watching allowed.  At $12-15 a drink it wasn't cheap but they did have fast service.  Lucky for him the bartender took some amazing pictures of them with the city of Chicago behind.  What a view that was!!

I was pretty hesitant to set up our table and get to work since the full moon was shining brightly in the sky, but lo and behold, there were no arguments, no skirmishes and no flailing on the floor in an attempt to get us to return money.  In other words, what can we complain about now?  Everything went swimmingly well.

I'm proud to announce the mini-me infernal machine is still working like a charm.  Less than 15 seconds for every transaction.  It was pretty boring until the entire building sang happy birthday to the Jester.  107 people singing off key.  What could be better!

Update:  Apache Frank's paperwork was sent in with a promise from the local politician's office to contact a friend in Washington DC to try and accelerate the process.  After all, Frank's 98 years old and doesn't have a few years to sit around waiting for results.  Thank you for the suggestions on looking up his paperwork, but come to find out there was a big fire way back when that erased all of the Army military veterans files forever.  That's why he was never awarded the Purple Heart.

Update 2:  My hand is considerably better, so much so that I finished binding one quilt.

Update 3:  Here's the quilt.  I'm not a fan of this one.  It needed plain borders and a different color backing.  It's going to be donated for sure.
Update 4:  Miss Jessie, after two really bad days of not eating, is semi back to normal.  Cooper got a haircut with my horse clippers and is truly a hot mess.  Sometimes I can do a great job and sometimes he looks like a three year old was experimenting.  The three year old came out to play this time.

It's going to be a boring rest-up day.  The yoga, the running and the late night have all caught up with me.  I'll be snoozing on the couch!!


  1. Glad now that your have nothing to complain about, sound kinda boring. Glad Jessie is feeling better and you can get your rest.

    1. I'm pretty sure something else will pop up to keep me entertained. It always does!!

  2. It'll be much cooler up here in Sacramento today. 9 am and it is only 63! But it will be hot again by Saturday...

    1. It's been in the 50's at night, but getting up to 90-something every day here. Mornings are the best!!

    2. It's been in the 50's at night, but getting up to the high 90's by afternoon. Mornings have been lovely.

  3. Good time to relax. You just reminded me of one of the things that I DON'T miss about our house. Trying to keep our front lawn (especially) from looking worse than the neighbours. Ha ha. We never watered our lawn and only the flower beds occasionally, there was too much "keep up with the Jones's" in a big city, our grass wasn't the weediest, but not the prettiest either.
    pretty quilt, not my favourite of yours either but still lovely. Hope Jessie continues to eat and get better.

    1. PS - now that you have some time on your hands.........even though your profile pic is lovely, it would be nice to see one without the snow! :D

    2. I guess it's because I'm just lazy Patsy! LOL The thing is, I'm aways the one taking pictures. I have very few of me that I can post. I'll take a look see.