Sunday, November 7, 2021

Green Eggs, No Ham

I was so brain dead during the exciting exhausting month of October, I missed a birthday. 


Better late than never .......

Did y'all turn your clocks back?  Hopefully you got that extra hour of sleep.  As for me, it was another hour of crazy dreams about cowboys and eating, my two favorite subjects!!

You may have wondered if my outdoor buddies have been strolling down the promenade of my patio.  That would be a yes, although I haven't seen any skunks lately.  I didn't set the camera up the entire month of October.  Pay no attention to the dates ... for some reason this camera doesn't want to cooperate in that department.  Maybe it's the time change.  

This one is short and sweet.  My little foxy buddy still comes around about every other night.  The weirdest part is I can't find where he's getting in, not that I care.  I do love the company!!

There was only one snafu yesterday as I sauntered back and forth between the TV and the sewing room.  I was cooking some eggs for Cooper's lunch.  I should never cook when distracted by pretty thread.  I have a simple method .... high heat until it boils, turn it off and let sit for 18 minutes (these are large eggs).  It's a foolproof method for those easily preoccupied by something else ... anything else.

Turns out as the timer went off and I looked at the pot, there were blue flames still going underneath.  OH NO!!!  Instead of turning the burner OFF, I had turned it to simmer ... FOR 18 MINUTES!  As you can imagine, those turned out to be some pretty green eggs, almost tough is that's possible.  Lucky for me, Cooper didn't care one little bit!!

At the suggestion of Jim and Barb, a blog I'm sure you would enjoy reading about the great outdoors, I decided to mix up the order of Birds of the 50 States and have you guess just which state it is.  There is one tiny problem with that .... I only have a limited number of colors, most of which are red and green.  

The pattern for each bird tells you exactly what color number to use.  That means I have to fake it a lot, so you may not recognize exactly what it is.  Hint hint ... the flower is supposed to be the state flower also.  Along the way I did discover that my favorite ... the chicken ... was not included in the patterns.  I'm now on a mission to get the company to send it to me.  What state has a chicken for it's state bird???

Cooper pretty much bugs me constantly.  He's feeling quite left out and is demanding attention.  Those green eggs seem to be helping my cause.

As if one distraction isn't enough, I decided to make cookies.  Those heath bar chips have been in my freezer for a couple of months, just calling my name.  I threw in the white chocolate chips just because I had half a bag in the freezer also.  As you can tell, embroidery distractions ensued with the first batch which were a little overdone.  I paid due attention on the balance of the baking.  Boy were they delicious!!

My morning tamale and eggs is forthcoming.  I'll make sure the eggs aren't green this time.


  1. Apparently 6 states have the Meadowlark as their state bird. But only Kansas has the sunflower. Who knew?!?

    1. Yup you got it right!! I think I know the flowers better than the birds, which is weird!!

  2. Looking forward to all those embroidered birds and flowers. That will be a colourful quilt for sure.

    1. Yes it will. I'm thinking it might fit in well with the fifth wheel. It could be my map on the side of the slide-out, only on the bed.

  3. Tamales and eggs for breakfast. OMG....delicious. Elva

    1. I'm having that every day for the next month. I don't think I will ever get tired of tamales.