Tuesday, November 2, 2021

A Day Of Rest ..... NOT!

 I was rather looking forward to sleeping in and hugging my couch all day, but alas, that was not the case.  My amazing Brother embroidery/sewing machine required a doctor's visit an hour's drive away.  I waved longingly to my couch as I headed out the door.  

Traffic wasn't bad at all, if you had cruise control.  For some weird reason, every year or so my best truck buddy decides I should remember the days of old ... BEFORE there was a button to push that kept you going the same speed.  It just quits working.  That makes for a long trip when you have to keep your foot on the pedal for over an hour.

At last I arrived, after discovering the road I usually take was closed about halfway with no signs or warnings in sight.  That made for a ten mile detour, making me late for my appointment.  It's a very big deal, since they NEVER make appointments.  They have however, been absolutely wonderful to me when I call and beg for "can you do it while I wait".  It's why I don't mind spending $400 every time I go there.

Just the doctor visit is $220.  Oh yes they offer a maintenance program where you get maybe $20 off over 4 years.  Not really worth it, but the visit is always a happy one.  Those ladies inspire me to do more embroidery every single time and are happy to spend a couple hours with you.  That makes all the difference.

After answering dozens of questions for me, I bid them a temporary goodbye as my fuel gauge was now on empty.  I pulled into an Arco to find a truck in my way.  You know the kind ... they go inside for ten minutes, then come back out and sit in their truck for another ten minutes before finally driving off.

I heard a voice as I finally got out of my truck.  You sure are patient!  I laughed because that is usually not the case.  What a nice friendly gentleman.  We chatted for maybe fifteen minutes.  He's an area rep for the fuel company and just purchased a place in Arizona.  He even gave me his card.  I may just have to send him an email, he was that nice.

Not so nice was the price of diesel ... and this is at ARCO, the cheapest around.  So someone explain to me why six months ago I paid $2.38 ..... and don't tell me it was the summer rates or it's California, because that doesn't fly any more.  

As I drove off, I looked around.  Oh look ... McDonalds!!  Perfect timing for an egg McMuffin.  I never EVER get the sausage one, but I have to say, this was delicious!!  Probably not all that healthy, but delicious none the less.

After eating, I headed back to the repair/fabric store for a look see at their newest line of gorgeous material.  I know ... I'm addicted to fabric.  I just want one of everything.  I found the backing I needed for number 17 and had the nice lady explain to me how to use less fabric when I'm doing embroidery.  They even hooked up my now repaired machine so they could show me exactly how.  

The ladies here are so nice and hand out information on a silver platter.  I would probably be there every day if I lived closer.

On the way back home, I was pleasantly surprised when I decided to give that cruise control one more click.  It worked like a champ.  Maybe not for long, but at least until I got home.

Dinner ... since I have absolutely nothing left in the fridge ... was the leftover Halloween candy.  I can already feel that ten pounds coming back on bit by bit!!

I did make one little mistake on the last day working the patch.  I was so exhausted, I absentmindedly said yes I would come help clean up today.  What a big mistake THAT was!!  I have BINGO tonight!!  So I'm going in for just a couple of hours to add to my paycheck.  I'll be free as a bird the rest of the week to make my nest and sit in it!!


  1. My HHR was having the same problem until it gave up the ghost...or did it? Researched replacing my cruise control buttons and came across a post that said it was burned out light bulbs in my hatch...even had a YouTube on it. Sure enough, replaced those 4 or 5 light bulbs in the hatch and the cruise control works every time now. Asked Arny about it and he said, "These days with all the computer stuff and electric components he was not surprised. So you might want to google your trucks name, model and year along with something like, "Cruise Control" (in quotes) and the term: intermittent problem (not in quotes) For instance, if you had a 2010 Ford F350 your search would look like this:

    2010 Ford F350 "Cruise Control" intermittent problem

    You can change the word 'problem' with something like 'stops working' if that does not identify your situation.

    HAD I took my HHR to a shop, they would have replaced the light bulbs, put in a new control unit, and charged me $500+

    Hope this helps

    1. Very interesting. I'll do exactly that and see what comes up. Thanks Dave!!

  2. Older Chevy Cruz controls have been known to be finicky Next time pull over the side of the road shut the vehicle off restarted and that should do it

    Well you can’t blame Trump and you can’t blame Newsom you can’t blame
    Biden you live in California for gxx sake‘s so go check out the price of a barrel of crude oil today and then check what it was six months ago you’ll see the difference
    Now if you know somebody in OPEC / Saudi Arabia you might be able to help
    If you can get them to drop the price of crude which is 83.52 that would be nice

    Does California use winter blend gasoline?

    On September 30, half of California's gas stations begin selling winter blend gasoline. Every year refineries across California switch to producing summer blend gasoline in the spring, then winter blend gasoline in the fall. This switch changes the Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) of California's gasoline.Sep 30, 2020

    Is winter blend gas cheaper than summer blend?

    Summer-blend fuel is also more expensive to make than winter-blend fuel. First, the production process takes longer and, second, the overall yield of gasoline per barrel of oil is lower. These complexities add as much as 15 cents per gallon to the cost to produce these higher-grade fuels.

    Why is California gas so expensive?

    July 1 2021 Thursday’s price jump makes California’s gas tax 51.1 cents which is the highest in the United States
    Now that’s $.51 only covers the states take. it does not cover the town city County municipalities If you want to find out what those are go into the store and asked the manager he can tell you …. Or go into an Ag or agriculture filling station and ask him how much the cost of red fuel is that’s tax-free

    Californians have always shelled out more for gas than in other parts of the U.S. because of higher taxes and environmental fees. Since 1996, cleaner-burning gasoline has cost more — but the trade-off has been cleaner skies, Borenstein said.Oct 22, 2021

    If it’s any help Arizona fuel tax is only $.19

    Don’t need to I did it for you. 2021
    Characteristic Price in U.S. dollars per barrel
    Jul 21 72.49
    Jun 21 71.38
    May 21 65.17
    Apr 21 61.72

    1. So if summer blend is more expensive to make, then fuel should be LESS, right? Funny how it coincides so well with Biden being president.

    2. Actually the prices are cheaper because you’re a lovely governor decided to raise the tax fuel price and your counties raise their price you actually got a big deal but thanks to OPEC raising their price you pay more
      But my second question is why does it always have to be a conspiracy

    3. So how do you explain the prices of fuel in Arizona? They have also gone up to almost double?? No conspiracy, just the difference between Trumps policies of using our own oil and Bidens policies of buying oil from foreign nations.

  3. Your U.S. gallon is 3.785 liters at our price right now of $1.46/ liter, that would be $5.52 a gallon. Hope that makes you feel a little better. :)

    1. I think if I lived in Canada I probably wouldn't be traveling at all!! I'm wondering if it went up this last year or is that your normal price?