Sunday, October 2, 2022

Creepy Babies

 I'm loving these cool mornings in the desert.   It seems to be just cold enough to stop the inflow of insects. Now when I open the back door, I'm not swamped with flying things that get stuck in my hair, nor am I doing a crazy dance to get them off my legs.  Life is good!!

Even better since I smoked another couple racks of ribs.  THIS time I used the magic Pig Powder that turns these into a delicious tasty dinner.

Not a good "done" picture because I plopped them in a box, along with those wonderful Red Lobster biscuits I baked, and hauled them all over to the Chance house for dinner.  I got rave reviews!  Best you've ever made they said.  I owe it all to the Pig Powder.  

No that's not a huge piece of cake you see here.  Okay, I admit it is a huge piece of cake, but this is eight servings for me.  Sometimes I just crave frosting!!!  Usually there's cake attached, but not always.

We've had a few afternoon storms here and there, which I've been trying to send to my email box in order to get it on my computer.  It's frustrating when your phone tells you it's 22 mb, but the mail service says it's 37.  Only 36 are allowed.  Apparently Microsoft can't count very well.  

So here it is, cut much shorter than I wanted, but you can hear just how much rain is falling.  I love the sound of thunder and rain, as long as it's farther away.  This is out my front door.

Having survived the dirt road to nowhere, Patty and I decided to hit the St. Phillips Marketplace deep in the heart.  It's their first day of the season, so we expected a lot of vendors.  Parking is a premium here, but luckily we spotted a guy leaving.  

I even amazed myself that I got my big truck in that tiny spot.  It's a good thing the guy next to me didn't leave, because I'm sure he would have hit my truck parked 6 inches from his bumper.  I had to crawl out the passenger side.  

It wasn't quite what we had seen in the past.  Let me just say that recycling is BIG in Tucson.  Most times they don't like you to take pictures, so I will just have to tell you about the purses that were picked up in Thrift Stores and painted, to be resold for big bucks.  

The bed springs recycled as wind chimes would be perfect if your neighbor didn't like the noise, because there was very little sound at all.  Probably 75% of the people sold jewelry, which is NOT up my alley.  

I always try to support SOMETHING, and on this day the only thing I could find was this pumpkin biscotti that's in my mouth as I type.  It's delicious, as was the Queen Bee banana bread, but $20 for that small loaf wasn't in the cards.  Instead I got the biscotti for $8.  YIKES!!

Did I mention recycling?  Yessirree ... Creepy Babies!!  An entire table of creepy babies.   I'm just guessing she didn't sell much.

I've had a few nighttime visitors, but I'll wait to post them tomorrow.  They aren't near as scary as the creepy babies.


  1. $20 for a small loaf of Banana Bread? Gotta wonder how many they sell... And those Creepy Babies are CREEPY

    1. That's what I thought. The tiny piece we tasted was good, but not THAT good!! So glad you are okay. Florida didn't fare so well.

  2. I love biscotti but never had the pumpkin kind.

    1. I've never seen it before. There's not all that much flavor to biscotti, but this has just enough spices.

  3. Replies
    1. Isn't that weird? I suppose they would be good decorations for a Halloween party .......