Monday, April 25, 2022


 For some reason, the days seem to be passing by faster than ever before.  It's been almost a month and I feel like it was yesterday that it took me four tries to get my fifth wheel in it's parking spot.  Luckily, the days and nights haven't been either too cold or too warm, so my electricity bill is affordable.  Yay for small favors!!

On the other hand, I haven't driven anywhere exciting.  It's too excruciating to watch the fuel gauge go down.  Mornings have still been interesting however, since I have the critter cam to browse through after the sun comes up.

This time I laid out some pieces of chicken skin, along with some parts Cooper and I don't eat.  Kitty Kitty didn't show up but Foxy came along early and got a nice snack.

After getting a couple of tail views, this is definitely a grey fox.  What a beauty!!  I love watching their behaviors.  They are ever vigilant and most likely responsible for all the midnight dog barking in our area.  

I rather imagine all that early morning cackling of chickens also comes from them.  They aren't after the big ones unless the opportunity presents itself with a less than healthy one.  They are more after the eggs.  Not big fighters, these guys would rather go for smaller prey, like gophers.

I'm not sure this is the same fox.  It's now 5:30 in the morning when I'm actually up and around in the house.  It's funny how he rolls the snack over before eating it ... almost playing with it.  I wonder if maybe it had some ants on it that he didn't want biting him.  I could watch these guys all day long.

Which I pretty much did since there were 20 videos on this morning.  The same one that stopped by earlier marked his/her territory again.  Weird that they do it where the food was placed.  

And then there was THIS!!  Yes I cut the video off.  Again?  Again you take a dump right in front of my camera?  Yup and here's why.  Foxes mark their territory with urine and scat in highly visible places, especially where they found food.  It means this territory has been claimed and encroachers will be dealt with severely!!  Skunks do the same thing, in case you were wondering!

Last night I put out one of those three big beef chew bones Cooper refused to eat.  It will be interesting to see if the Foxes like them.  

I spent the afternoon scratching off items on my rally to-do list.  The fridge is now turned on ... it takes a couple days to get really cold.  I'm happy to announce I put 40 gallons of water in the fresh water tank.  I know that because I got a little water meter that works like a charm.

Today will be clean out all the dirt day, along with packing clothes.  I'm not taking much since it's just a 4 day trip.  Truly I think I pack more for the two "kids" than I do me!!!

Time to check the critter cam!!


  1. Cool videos! Aren't you glad humans don't react the same way?!?!?

  2. I like the Fox videos too...interesting to watch.

  3. Your fox videos are very entertaining.
    Did Cooper watch them with you? Gibbs would!

    1. Cooper doesn't seem interested at all unless there are howls involved!!