Saturday, April 2, 2022

As She Caressed Her Hair ........

So I'm here today to tell you a tale of frustration beyond measure, so exasperating that even my earlier fifteen minute zen I'm-going-be-here-all-day preparation ritual did absolutely nothing.  

I arrived on time for my 10:30 appointment to be met by a security guard who wouldn't let me in the door. I had to get in line and wait.  At least I was in the short line.  The other line had 37 people, 6 with baby carriages.  When finally let in the door, I received a number and was told to wait.  Wait for what?  I have an appointment!!

Here's what I learned.  The only thing an appointment does is get you in the door before those 37 people.  You still have to wait your turn behind the 53 people already inside.  I kid you not, I sat there for 50 minutes waiting for my number to be called.

At long last, I'm standing at a window handing over my paperwork.  After a few minutes, she said I didn't have the required title from Arizona, only a copy of it.  That's when it happened ... another girl walked up behind her and began caressing her hair.  Wait ..... what are you doing??  

She stopped helping me and they began to talk about how many "likes" something got on the internet.  The caressing continued.  I finally tapped on the plexiglass ... excuse me????  This is no April fools joke, it really happened.  The second girl finally walked away as the hair fell from her hands.  Good grief!!!

Paperwork done after another twenty questions and I was out the door.  Not to leave however, but to have the vehicle "verified".  That was another 30 minute wait, standing outside.  I opened the hood and guess who finally showed up ... the Caresser ... to check and make sure there was an engine there, along with the vin number.  Go back inside and wait again she said.

By now I was laughing hysterically like a crazy lady, hoping they wouldn't make me wait near as long.  Another forty minutes passed by oh so slowly until my number was called.  This time I was actually given the plates and stickers, but no registration because I have to return yet again with the title.  

As I walked out the door, they warned me to put the plates on.  Yeah yeah yeah!!  It's going to take me about the same time to put them on as it did for you to make me wait.  I ran into a problem immediately.  There are no screws on the front to hold the plate since Arizona doesn't require a front plate.  So sorry Charlie.

I drove off in defiance, headed directly to the Mexican Carniceria on the South side of town.  I figured I fit right in with the license plate stuck in the window.  It's a little scary over there, but I was on a mission.  Completely by accident, I was privy to a conversation about the taco meat sold here.  I wanted to give it a try.

It was a little difficult since they speak Spanish at Tres Hermanos, but I got the message across and headed home with a bag of meat that didn't really look very appetizing. I fried up some onions first, then dumped the meat in a hot frying pan.  It cooked quickly, but I left it a little longer to get some nice color.

Let me just say this is the best taco meat I've ever had!!  

I didn't even put sauce on it ... I just ate it up!!  At $4.00 a pound, this stuff is like gold.  You can bet I'll be stopping there quite often from now on!!  I'm pretty sure this is skirt steak chopped up fine, much cheaper than the $7.00 a pound stuff they sell in the grocery store ... and this is marinated.

To make it even better, I made a quick run to Boot Barn looking for socks, and when I returned home .... OH THE LOVELY SMELL OF BEEF!!!!  This is better than ANY air freshener!!!

At the end of the day, after two more tacos and as I was hanging out in the sewing room, Cooper did his job again, barking at the front door.  My big roll of reflectix showed up.  That means I'll be spending the day in the rig cutting up pieces to stuff in all the cabinets, along with big pieces to cover the windows when sitting in the sun.  This should help considerably with the inside temperatures.

Oh ... and in case you were wondering, my Jeep cost $198, not counting the bottle of aspirin I took when I got home and the case of margarita cans I'm going to drink in order to finish getting it registered, if and when I ever get the title from Arizona.  I hope there is no more hair caressing!


  1. Well, at least that is done and behind you. Oh wait, you still have registration to do! It was similar to your experience in MN, a little better in WI. The people here in our county offices are some of the friendliest we have ever seen.

    1. Small town people seem to be better. Next time I'll go back to Mariposa in the mountains. I just didn't want to spend $20 bucks on fuel to get there!!

  2. Yup...I'm sure it's skirt steak. I need to get some of that! Elva

    1. Elva it was DELICIOUS!!! Is there a carniceria near you?