Monday, April 4, 2022

Picture This .....

You just woke up to a wet nose touching your now wet nose, followed by a wiggle just as you open your eyes.  It takes a couple of seconds to figure out what's going on.  In a flash, a fast moving hairy face gets buried in your neck.  It takes you another couple of seconds to realize it's not Prince Charming.  You glance at the clock.  It's 3 am AGAIN!!!  Come on little buddy ... it's WAY too early!!   

There's no going back .... my eyes are now wide open and there's no way they are going to shut.  Besides, wiggles mean he has to go outside ... NOW.

The good news is I was walking through the grocery store door at 8:00 on a Sunday when there was no one in sight.  I like Sunday shopping, mostly because the shelves are completely stocked since everyone shops after church!!

I was instantly bombarded with Easter stuff, which I usually ignore, although it does take a little effort.  Then I saw these ..... M & M EGGS??  Yes please!!

AND THEY ARE PEANUT BUTTER!!!  I'm pretty sure half the bag is gone already.   No worries, there's another one in the freezer!!

I would never leave home without a list because I try very hard not to impulse buy.  That's when I spotted THIS!!!  Okay, I impulse buy!!  They came home with me.  I can't wait to try them out!

Then it was back to fixing stuff.  I posted on Facebook about these screws and was told unanimously to stick in some glue, followed by toothpicks, then the screws.  OR I can just get bigger screws, which I'll try first.  Then someone said they replaced it completely with two big magnets.  That sounded like a great idea to me, but I suspect I'll be left with two big holes.  I'll take a look today to see if that will work.

Then it was on to insulating the place just a tad bit more.  Reflectix is the name of the game here, but wasn't I surprised, in spite of looking carefully, that this is NOT Reflectix.  It's a slightly lighter weight copy.  GRRRRRRR!  Being lighter meant it didn't stick in the back like the other product.  So we shall see if it stays put.  

I lined all the kitchen cabinets and the pantry before heading to the bedroom.

The cabinets over the bed at the front of the fifth wheel definitely need extra insulation.  I did this in my other Class A motorhome, and it helped considerably.  You just cut it bigger and stuff it in.  It should stay put .... at least the Reflectix did.  Always check for moisture on occasion to be sure there are no problems.  I also cut a few pieces for the windows when parked in the sun.  On the way out the door, I realized I had another big bank of cabinets in the living room.  I'll finish that later.

Since it took most of the day to get that little job done, I celebrated with a nice big bowl of ice cream.  Sadly, my usual Tillamook is now $6.98 a carton, and remember the carton is now smaller?  Yikes ... too bad there's not a Safeway close by because their ice cream is sweet!!!  I decided to try the cheapest I could find, which turned out to be Save Mart's brand.  Looks good, yes??

That's when I discovered the word LIGHT on the top.  Oh heck no ... if you're going to have ice cream, why have it LIGHT?  I heavied it up with a nice fatty layer of caramel sauce.  

By now I was really tired, but I just can't sit still.  I finished up this really weird quilt with big while pieces cut to size, per the pattern.  I think that's called cheating in the Quilt World.  

I've one last thing to fix ... truly not the last ... the struts or whatever you call them that help open the bed and hold it open?  They don't work at all ... unless there's no bedding on the mattress.  I'll get pictures and measurements.  Anyone know where you can buy them?   Which reminds me, I have to limber up for the contortions of unmaking the bed so the sheets can be washed.

Today, once I've napped enough to get my brain working, I'll try to get my Jeep title from Arizona, find a cheap toaster for the RV and a long narrow mirror so I can complain about how much weight I need to lose every time I walk by.  At least I'll be able to assess if I got dressed before walking outside.

It's a beautiful spring day in the neighborhood!!!


  1. We had the same problem with the struts on our bed in our 5th wheel. I just cut a 2x2 the right length and used it to prop up the bed when I was under there and stored it under the mattress. That worked well until Barb walked by one day and "accidently" kicked it out causing the bed to fall on top of me!

    1. OUCH!! My guess is you did "something"!! You know how us ladies can be! LOL

  2. Those Red Lobster biscuits are wonderful!! I forgot about those!
    Ew, light ice cream. I would be ticked too!!
    Nice job on the cupboards and the quilt.
    Cooper, you little devil!

    1. Sometimes I wonder just how much Cooper and Gibbs talked!!

  3. Those struts are fun some times ours work and some times they don't. We need to get a board as suggested above.
    I am catching up, what else is, anyway does not sound like fun at the DMV. I will never understand how two employees can think it is okay to chit chat, and not about work, while a customer is standing there. Thus the day I walked away and left all the groceries sitting on the checkout counter(yes, there is more to that but it was the end you could not do that there. You had to be nice or you would still be in line.
    Nice to wake up to doggy kisses not at 3:00am though.

    1. Hmmm I'm sticking that "just walk away" in the back of my mind. I may need that one day!!!

  4. First Magnets don't stick to Aluminum. Bigger Diameter Screws or adding glue and toothpicks is your best bet.
    Years ago Kathy worked for a week duplicating those Biscuits and they were exact. The bad part was when our pants started getting tight.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.