Sunday, April 3, 2022

RV Gadgets and Repairs

 I hit the ground running yesterday.  By 8:00 am I was parked at Home Depot with a list.  Numero uno was to replace the toilet seat in the house.  Here's another first in all my years ... it broke a week before I left for Arizona in December.  Who does this happen to?  Of course I forgot to measure it and there were 8 different varieties.  

I was lucky to find help on this day, and even though they didn't help me at all, I finally did find the little screws that would attach my license plate.  Or at least I thought I did.  They were a little bigger than the holes drilled into my plastic Jeep bumper.  We'll see how long the license plate stays put.

On the way back home, I got the dreaded low tire light.  Like a moth to a flame, I was staring at it all the way into the garage.  Time for a little air in the tires.  While I was at it, I deflated the air bags so it's easier to get up on the tailgate of the truck and let a little air out of the rear tires since I'm not pulling for another 20 some days.  I also discovered one garage door refuses to work.  Big sigh!!

Jonathan was thrilled with his new toy I brought home ... a piece of wood I cut into smaller pieces.  If parrots don't have something to chew, their beaks will grow until they can no longer eat.  He was quite excited, so say the least.

Then it was on to the seat repair.  Gosh, they make these things so cheap nowadays.  Plastic bolts!!  I did have some trouble getting the old one off, as the tabs seemed to be glued down.  Not so for the new one.  Trouble is, that plastic didn't screw down tight at all and it wobbled all over the place.  I threw them away and used the old bolts, which worked just fine.

VOILA!!!  A new seat ... but looky here!!  Even the toilet seats now have less material, just like toilet paper rolls and paper plates!!  Look at the indentation!  Also, no more slamming the lid, as it's one of those fancy ones that goes down slow.  OH BOY!!!  It should open by itself too, considering what these things cost!

On to the next project ... the handle on the screen door.  This one involved drilling holes, which I wasn't comfortable with at all!!!  It's way too easy to mess up something like this, especially since it really requires two people, or one with four hands.

In spite of duck taping it to the door to get the measurements, I was off 1/8" ... enough to be a problem.  There's barely 3/8" to screw it down to on each side.  I think it took me over an hour, and don't put a level on it.  In spite of measuring six times, it's a little off, although not noticeably so.  We'll see how long it lasts before I have to buy a new screen door.

Next up .... this little cheesy screen door latch is always coming undone.  After looking for an hour to find the square tipped screwdriver, I finally discovered the screw holes are stripped.  Having replaced the door handle, I already know they are just screwed in to the insulation, which isn't going to hold anything.  

Anyone have any ideas on how to make this tighter so the screen will remain attached to the door?

Lastly I grabbed the power strip, ready for those contortions required to reach behind the lounge chairs and find the electrical cords I had unplugged.  Puppy feet kept turning on the heat and vibration controls.  Whoa ... look here!  I see $1.25 in quarters behind the chair!  Too bad there's no way to get them out!!  Even with my longest kitchen tongs, they are way too far away.  

I finally put up the foot rest which lowered the back, laid on my stomach as best I could and used my longest arm, which instantly got caught between the chair back and the wall.  OUCH!!  That's going to make a big bruise!!  At last I nabbed the wires and pulled in the two plugs.  I attached the power strip with heavy duty velcro (best thing next to duck tape) and turned it on.  YAY!!  It works!!!

Why am I doing all this work?  Because I have a Golden Spike RV Rally in Ione California at the end of the month.  There's a few more things to do, but they will have to wait.  In spite of my now sore back, I have to hit the grocery store today!!  Then I'm going to be the ever exciting couch potato!!!!


  1. I got so used to those slow close lids that I have accidently slammed down a couple toilet lids at friends' houses when I just assumed they had slow close lids!

    1. That's funny! I've actually never seen one before. Good for you for closing the lid!!! LOL

  2. We installed the Slow Close Lids on our last three Trailers. so we don't accidentally wake one another through the night.
    The Door Handle is great but with time ours started scraping the sides of the frame. You might consider adding the Screen Door Grill so Cooper doesn't go through it.
    To fix your Latch simply go to a larger diameter screw. The Manufacturer uses power tools to install them. That's why they get stripped so easy.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the couch.

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you Rick ... I'll check on the grill and get a larger screw. I just wasn't sure that would work.

  3. To get the coins that are out of reach, put a stocking (nylon) over the end of the wand of your vacuum cleaner. You can pick up the coins and they won't get sucked into the machine.

    1. Well for heavens sake ... I never would have thought of that one. Thank you so much!!!!! I'm in the money now!!!!

  4. The stem might have a leak in that tire, or even just the valve inside the stem. Personally, I went with metal stems on the motorhome due to having exterior tire pressure sensors that screw onto the stem...have not had a problem with the stem since, and have replaced the little valve that goes inside sometime in the past two years. (easy to do especially when I have access to Arny's air compressor that fills up the tires very quickly).

    1. I'll have my tire guy check out the valve stems, but I suspect it's just because it hadn't moved in three months. I should have checked it before I drove it!!