Friday, April 29, 2022


I was up at the usual hour yesterday, got packed in record time since I only required stuff for four days, then sat on my duff for three hours trying to be patient.  They said multiple times that the check-in time was 3:00 pm.  They lied.  I could have come in any time after 11:30 am.  I'm putting that in my memory bank, hoping it doesn't get lost.

The drive through the construction was a 35 mph (in a 55 zone) white knuckle OMG kind of experience, sure I was going to hit the wall any second.  Thankfully, no one honked or gave me a bad time ... probably cuz they could see just how close it was!!

In no time my turn-off came up, which I flew right by.  The sign was almost completely covered by bushes and I missed it.  On to Stockton I went, surprised that the road wasn't too bad.  I seem to be having a little trouble with the truck shifting gears ... it seems sometimes it stays in low gear (high rpm) when it could easily shift up.   I'll check on that when I get back home.

Finally, still having really no clue exactly where to go, I spotted this sign.  YAY!!  I made it!!

This place is huge and spectacular!!  No surprise since it's a really big casino on an Indian Reservation.  Everything is immaculately groomed and beautiful.  I'm parked right dead center in this picture, which I took from the internet.  There are concrete pads are very far apart with perfect green grass for Cooper!!

I'm pretty sure I'll be back here, even if I don't gamble.  It's a nice place to spend a few days antiquing or checking out the biggest kitchen store in the Central Valley.  Weird, yes?  A kitchen store in Jackson.  I remember it well since I used to drive two hours to get here, just to see what they had (back in the old days of course).

Our rally leader was the last to arrive with a flat tire on his truck.  I thought they said car, so I gave them my little battery operated air compressor.  When I found out it was the truck, I gave them my bigger one and a long extension cord.  An hour later, they were aired up enough to drive down to the gas station.  We think he has a bigger problem with the tire rim, and I'm buying a bigger portable air compressor!

Time to set up for happy hour, so someone brought out their easy up.  This one was not so easy.  It took six people to get it together.  I'm hoping there's no wind because the park said it could only be put up on concrete, not the grass.  

We have a pretty big crowd I'm happy to say, with at least four new member rigs.  That means new items for the snack table!!  I went to finish making my meatballs, but discovered I had no pan big enough.  I need to rethink all that stuff I took OUT of the rig.

We held a short meeting and discussed future rallies.  As you can imagine, no one wants to do the work, me included, but we do love to meet up.  We have decided to pick a place we have been before and a date we think will work, then let everyone make their own reservations.  We can meet up for happy hours and dinners but otherwise be on our own.  We'll see how it goes. 

As for now, one member has a place near Carson City and has offered her corral and driveway for the big July 4th celebration and parade of train engines that have all worked in the Carson City area.  That's going to be a great train rally.  No hookups, but I have SOLAR!!!   We'll see if I can work that out.  

In the meantime, I'll take some better pictures of the area.  Today we tour the local gold mine, having been displaced for an hour by the fourth graders from school who have precedence.  Then I'm off to the kitchen store!!!


  1. Looks like you are going to have good weather. The park looks nice, but is it really $75 per night? (which is what I think I am seeing on the website)

    1. Gorgeous weather!!! Park cost me $200 for three nights. Not cheap at all!!

  2. If you are staying where I think you are in Jackson, Dave and I stayed there for the first time earlier in April. Very nice park, but expensive. Have fun!