Friday, April 15, 2022

Michael Jordan Is Not Next Door

 Well today I can't say it's a beautiful day in California.  I'm so tired my brain doesn't want to compute even a little bit.  Not only did I have a very long day of getting stuff done, but the night was even longer as the neighbor kid and his loud buddies played basketball about 50 feet from my bedroom window.  I screamed in my head for over an hour ... HOW RUDE CAN YOU BE? ... but it didn't help.  Even if they heard the voodoo curses flying out my window, they ignored them.  

It might have helped had they been better shots, but they hit the rim with a bang EVERY SINGLE TIME! Michael Jordan they are not!  Even ear plugs and a sleeping pill did nothing.  Ugh ..... I wish I was back on the ranch in the middle of nowhere.

The mornings critter cam didn't find much.  When I see those up close and personal white whiskers however, I utter the words OH CRAP, sure that the skunks have returned.  This time it was a light colored kitty, giving some cheek rubs to the red lights.

My neighbor caught this guy roaming my back fence around 3:00 am.  It looks like daylight because she has a brand new fancy dancy phone that takes amazing pictures in the dark.

With no time to lose, I was off to the Vets office with Cooper.  I took a minute to admire the bottlebrush on the way out.  It's growing really nicely and blooming like crazy.  Wow ... something I can plant and not kill.

Cooper loves to go for rides until I pull into this particular parking lot.  I don't blame him.  There's always at least one big dog that never stops barking the entire time we are there.  I don't know what he's saying, but it makes Cooper shiver ... poor baby.  

Not wanting a huge bill, and having read the article posted on my blog about over-vaccination, I opted for one Parvo shot.  It's pretty prevalent around here, killing hundreds of dogs every year.  I passed on the other three shots.  He got an A+ from the Vet, making Mama a happy camper.  He suggested I buy some sheep shanks, antler or beef bones for Cooper to chew on.  

Antler was $25.99 for a six inch piece.  Are you kidding me?  Beef bones it is, except Cooper never has been a chewer of bones.  For Cooper's buddy Gibbs ... I got three at PetSmart for $7 that would keep him busy for days.  Cooper wouldn't touch it.  I grabbed my biggest hammer and smashed it into three smaller pieces.

I'm not saying my sweet puppy is dumb, but he thought it was a ball I should roll to him.  He pawed it, barked at me and generally spread greasy bone marrow all over the living room for two hours.  Sigh ... I don't think there's going to be any chewing.

Next up ... head BACK to town to get my new brake controller installed.  The Tekonsha P3 was most recommended and it ran $200 for the whole shebang, installation taking an hour.  Now to hook it up to my trailer and adjust it.  Interesting thing about this one ... if you pull four trailers, you can set it up with four different settings, then just pick the trailer you are hauling.  

Now exhausted and dreaming of a good night's sleep, I was back at the Elks Lodge for three more meetings.  We are usually out of there in 90 minutes max, but on this night there seemed to be lots of problems.  I got home after almost four hours.  

Follow that up with Michael Jordan wannabes next door and I've got a headache like a party animal!!  Where's the couch?  I think there will be lots of holding it in place today!!!


  1. The poor little creature, they sure aren't on my cute list LOL. Congrats Cooper on the A+ for Cooper. That greasy marrow doesn't sound like a fun clean up to me. You had me tired with your day! LOL.

    1. That busy day is probably why I'm so tired on THIS day!

  2. Did you actually get to go INSIDE the Vets office? Seems like all the Vets in Florida are using COVID to keep owners out in the car, away from watching what they are doing. It really bugs me.

    1. Weird, right? There are no masks or closures of any kind in Cali now. Newsom got caught too many times and people revolted.