Sunday, April 10, 2022

Just Like Micky D's .. I'm Lovin' It!!!

 Sometimes it's not all that fun getting out of bed in the morning, even if you know what awaits you.  I'm in dire need of a new mattress, but am too cheap to put out the bucks when there's more important things ... like pizza, dog food and RV stuff to buy.  It was a pretty achy-breaky experience, making for lots of moaning and groaning while stretching on the floor, followed by many doggie kisses, which made it all better!!

After that first cup of coffee, I headed to the fridge to bring out my newest creation.  Super easy this one, with everything done the night before.  Just put the frozen tater tots in the bottom, cover with mild country sausage you browned along with some chopped onions (I left out the peppers) and smother in eggs with half and half, seasoned with salt, pepper and my secret ingredient ..... Cajon seasoning.  Oh, and don't forget a liberal dose of cheese.  Although I don't care for some of the Pioneer Woman recipes, this one turned out to be a keeper too.  Does this not look delicious??

I baked it for an hour total.  It was hard to wait once that smell began to permeate the kitchen.  It's in a cake pan because I only made half the recipe.  This isn't exactly fat free and I didn't want to eat it for the next three weeks.  

Boy am I LOVIN' IT!!!  Just like McDonalds ... this was delicious!  I did add an extra egg and will probably make that two for the rally.  THIS my friends is a good breakfast casserole.    

With that out of the way, I went out to retrieve the critter cam.  I remembered when I left that it would not download the images.  I figured the camera was toast.  Wasn't I surprised to find two images on the SD card from November.  Wait til you see this one!  Just WOW!!  I had no idea ... and check out the entrance ... right over the fence.  I looked and there is nothing on the other side, so they had to jump up and over.

  Boy am I LOVIN' THIS!!  It seems my wild child found a girlfriend!  How fun is that!!  And yes, I'm sure this is who I ran into in the back yard.  Wild kitties around here run the instant they see you.  This guy just froze and watched me for several seconds before slinking off.  The tail was the giveaway.  AND I caught him on camera at the same time I let Cooper out.  

As to the Elks Lodge happenings ... I'm a little on the fence.  I've been back for over two weeks, seen just about everyone at one time or another, and no one told me about the change in "uniform" for the meetings.   We have had a changing of the guards, meaning a new person in charge.   I was the only one out of step, not that I care really, but there is this thing called a telephone.  

Then, quite by accident, I found out there had been a budget meeting I was supposed to attend since I'm a trustee, except no one told me about that either.  Makes you wonder, right?  Almost in the same breath I was asked to help out with the Mother's Day breakfast.  Hmmmmmmm!!  I have lots of time to ponder that one since it's not until May.

For now, I'm trying to get the rig organized to make room for all the stuff I have to take with me to the RV rally.  No tables since they won't fit, but the easy-up might fit in the belly .... if I can get rid of some junk.  These smaller fifth wheels don't have all that much storage room.

Right NOW however, I'm headed back to the critter cam to see what frolicking happened over night!!  The anticipation is exciting!!!


  1. That's the breakfast casserole that Ken loves and I always add more eggs to it. So yummy! I have to agree with what you said about the Elks...hmmm. I'm sure you'll enjoy the Rally, something to really look forward to!

  2. That breakfast egg casserole does look delicious.
    What a nice visitor to have on the trail cam.
    The whole Elks thing is a ...hmmm.

    1. I just love seeing those critters in my back yard!!