Wednesday, April 6, 2022

I Ran Out Of Money!!

Another gorgeous cool quiet morning is in the books.  I'd show you a picture, but it would be all black since my morning coffee ritual is always way before the sun rises.  I had lots planned, but got absolutely nothing done.

Thank you so much for the RV water system recommendations.  I'll do a little more research and see what I can come up with.  At the moment, I just buy cases of bottled water for me and the critters.  Jonathan for one, has to have good non-chlorine water twice a day, so if I can find something that works, it will make it much easier for me.

You know what this picture means ..... it's BINGO time!!

What better way to prepare for that crowd than cinnamon rolls!!  This time I bought the small ones, and I must say, they aren't quite as good as the big ones.  I've no idea why.  It seems SOMEONE got me started on these and their names are Patsy and Bill Richards!!

Unfortunately, all my other plans for the pre-Bingo time went right out the window when I decided to have lunch a little early.  It was Caesar salad in a bag.  I double checked the pull date and it still had two days to go.  I ate one small bowl.

In no time I was sick as a dog ..... literally!!  I imitated Cooper like a pro, but at least I didn't throw up on my bed.  I guarantee you there won't be any more Caesar salads in my future!!

Happily I cleaned up enough to head on down to Bingo, but passed on the obligatory glass of wine.  I took with me a 10 quart Instant Pot.  Who in the world uses something this big?  I got stung when I didn't pay attention to the big sale they had going on for the NEW instant pot air fryer.  Turns out it was half price, but double the size.  There's no way I would ever cook anything in something that huge.

I donated it to the Elks kitchen.  The Chef was there and said he was sure they could use it, and if not, the Bingo kitchen could use it for things like chili verde or pulled pork.  You can't imagine how much space I now have in my cupboard!!  

And so ..... let the games begin!!  I completely fooled everyone by switching out the blue speed bingo cards for black ones that have been sitting around for years.  They were SO confused!  Once these are gone, we'll go back to blue and mess them up all over again!!
Things went smoothly for the most part, but we have more than 50% new players, meaning they all want to try the scam game on us.  They don't have a clue how long I've been doing this!!  They will learn pretty quickly that we don't play that game here!!  A husband and wife tried to say we didn't give them six of their papers.  They might have been believable if they said one or two!!

With 122 players this night, we gave out lots of cash.  We are allowed to give them cash back from their debit cards (only with a Bingo buy-in), which many players do instead of going to the bank.  ONLY debit cards ... you are not allowed to gamble using credit cards.  It was a record setting night ... we had over $3,000 in debit transactions.  

That's not good because it means I have no cash left in my box to make the winning payouts.  I had to borrow quite a chunk from the other half ...  pull tab sales.  That has never happened before in my twelve years of doing this!

There was quite a bit of accounting and lots of plain counting at the end of the night to make sure it came out right.  Thank goodness the infernal machine was nice to me on this day.

I had a big list of things to do, but I'm still not feeling up to par.  It's probably just that I need diesel for my truck and I don't want to pay the ridiculous prices here.  That would make anyone sick!!


  1. Woops! Sorry (or are we?) about the cinnamon roll addiction. Bill has been waiting patiently for me to bake the package you gave him. Now that we are plugged in again, he'll get his wish. :)
    I hope you feel better soon, do you think the lettuce was bad? I didn't know it could make you sick. :(

    1. Definitely the lettuce was bad. Much of it comes from Mexico now, and they don't have the health standards we do. I just got a bad batch I think. I'm good now though!!!

  2. Of course you ran out of are in Cali where they steal from the rich and give to the poor. LOL

    1. SO true Dave, so true!! Sadly, they are turning us all into the poor.

  3. Glad it was a quick in and out and you're feeling better. Glad they are allowed to drain their bank account dry but keep good credit😃

    1. Exactly! They spend their food money ... it's sad. But funny how they always seem to have it to spend!!!