Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Rip The Bandaid Off!!!

I know I'm going to have bad days at the Patch.  Long hours with screaming parents and runaway kids will always happen when you least expect it.  The trick is in getting it over all in one day.  One fell swoop of cataclysmic proportions and be done with it.  Rip the bandaid off all at once as quick as possible.

That was yesterday.  The first Monday is always slow.  Not so slow we require fewer people, but that's what happened.  That meant I was doing quadruple duty keeping customers happy ... as much as that is possible.  One nice lady was none too happy we didn't have benches at every single station for her to sit down.  There are 40 picnic tables in and around the barn, but those didn't count.
There are seven stations that require people.  I counted three breathing specimens.  That didn't quite compute, so we were all moving around so the kids would get to ride everything.  The Hay Ride has the old completely dependable tractor.  I love it!

The Time Travel Tractor has a new version brought out by the distributor (I can't even tell you the brand at this moment) so not only the owners, but OUR customers can see what a great invention it is.  I'm here to tell you it has some major downfalls.

There are seven things required.  Push in the clutch, put the transmission in either high or low, put it in gear, put it in Forward, turn the key and start the engine, unlock the parking brake and unlock the SECOND set of brakes.  No one told me about the second set of brakes.  

They aren't like normal, where you push and let go, causing the peddle to come back up.  The pedal stays down.  Wouldn't you know, no matter how much I tapped the brakes, they would not release.  A very nice "in the know" farmer got off the ride and came to my rescue.  It took him standing on the brakes to get it to release.  How embarrassing.  I've never touching that brake again.
I would be happy if that was the end of the day.  Nope ... there was another BIG bandaid episode.  The second driver went on lunch break, so I ran from station to station, tractor to tractor.  There was no one at the BillyKen Blasters where you shoot tennis balls at the broad side of a barn.  How hard can that be?  Just fill the containers with nice soft tennis balls.

Someone asked a question and I leaned over to check the machine.  RRR--IIIII--PPPPPPPPP!!!  That was the biggest bandaid EVER!!!  When I turned back around, I slammed headfirst into the steel pole holding up the roof.  At least I didn't get knocked out, but oh my gosh that hurt.  I said a few bad words out of earshot of the kids.  

I mean to tell you that hurt worse than any bandaid I've ever experienced!!!  I'm not showing pictures.  Let's just say I'm glad I wear bangs to cover up the biggest purple goose egg I've ever seen. Headache ensued.  

I got home about 6:30 and grabbed my handy dandy bag-o-peas.  It didn't help much, so I just went to bed.  
I've got two groups of school kids coming in today and we are short one tractor driver.  The good news is I'll be on the DEPENDABLE ride most of the day.  Do NOT touch my forehead!!  It hurts like the dickens.  Oh .... and I have company coming tonight, just to be sure I don't slack off.  


  1. Ouch another hectic day but soon the month will be over right? lol.
    Good luck with your goose egg and another fun day at the patch.

    1. My forehead is a nice shade of purple ... perfect for Halloween!

  2. I hate when I hit my head. I've hit all of our slides multiple times with my poor head. The slide always wins.

    1. It hurst sooooooo bad!! I think I have four permanent bumps from the slides!

  3. Ouch! Our brains are thinking of so many things at once, standing up, turning AND ducking under the steal beam just is toooo much!! Thank heavens for bangs. Sometimes a blow like that knocks us to our knees and then I'm so surprised that with the pain, I can still actually get up! Here's to better days, my trooper friend!