Monday, October 7, 2019

This Day Was Awesome ... Or Maybe Horrible!!

It all depends on your outlook at the time.  Happily, I'm all still intact with no more black eyes, goose eggs on my forehead or cut fingers.  My feet think I sold all my furniture however.

It started off nice enough with a wonderful craft fair taking over the Pumpkin Patch.  I could smell the Sensy candles (or whatever they are called) most of the day.  I arrived early to switch out one leaky ice chest ... those huge ones that can only be filled up with 144 bottles of water.

My only goal for the day was to be sure I had enough of everything!!  That worked out well with one exception.

Once the water was ready to go, my girls began to show up.  That was a good thing, because by 10:30 we were swamped with people at the snack bar.  I know you've seen all these pictures, but there was no time yesterday for anything other than making shaved ice.

The machine is right behind those chips on the counter.  I stood there for eight hours straight, making shaved ice with absolutely no breaks other than to help another customer.  For six of those eight hours our line was about 25 yards long.  Where did all those people come from?
I had to call for help twice to keep up.  With eight girls and boys working, we still barely made a dent in the line.  We sold out of hot dogs completely around 3:00.  Those girls put together over 300 dogs and close to 500 nacho trays of that horrible cheese and chips.  Not my favorite thing to eat.  
I worked like a mad woman making over 500 shaved ice cups.  Never in the history of this place have we been so busy.  Well, maybe once.  Word is getting around I suppose.  It's the biggest, best and most kid friendly patch in the country.  They called in ten more working teenagers to keep up.  It was literally a madhouse.  Now I know what Disneyland feels like!!
Thank goodness they didn't schedule many schools for today.  We have 30 big picnic tables to return to the barn and only 50 kids and adults coming in at 10:30, meaning I get a short reprieve this morning.  I may even have time for a nap before I go in.

It should be a very slow day.  At least I can hope.  I might even have time for more pictures.

Total miles walked day nine:  70.81

That's almost THREE marathons!!  Most all of yesterday's 6.99 miles was in a 20 foot square area!!  My tennie sneaks are getting a workout!!


  1. So, my machines are definitely not the only ones springing leaks. :) Sounds like a long day.
    You walked 70 miles??
    The sunflower picture could be posted everyday and I'd be happy.. :D

    1. Since I started work Sept 28, I've walked 70 miles around the pumpkin patch. Pretty crazy!!!

  2. Another busy day and amazing where all these people come from, but your made it through another one safely.