Sunday, October 27, 2019

More Exciting Happenings!!

There's always something new happening at the Hunter Farms Pumpkin Patch in Atwater California.  The good news is it is not always about stealing or runaway kids, nor is it about the screamers who yell at the top of their lungs their entire visit.  Those ones are usually under the age of three and just making sure they get their way.  It works for them every time.

Although the Hunters don't shut down the entire place for weddings, there have been several wedding parties come out for pictures, as I posted a couple weeks ago.  On THIS day we had the pre-wedding party show up.
Twenty family members watched as pictures were taken of each couple.  When the last couple took center stage by the water wheel, the guy reached down quickly and untied his shoe.  It was the old "I need to tie my shoe" trick.  She waited patiently when POW!!  He was on one knee with ring in hand.  
She said yes and everyone cheered!!
Although not as busy as usual yesterday, we whipped out 360 hot dogs and so many shaved ice I lost count.  We were running out of everything ... cookies, fruit snacks, chips ... and were becoming pretty inventive at making the snack bar look full.  An entire pallet of decorated cookies disappeared in record time this year.   Hopefully when I arrive back at the Patch this morning, we will have some replacement supplies.

Here's another section of the Time Travel Tractor.  Meet Sneaky Pete on the left.  Gold miner extraordinaire, he's a little sloppy with his TNT.  If you sit in the second train car, you just might get a tad bit wet when the pond explodes.
This is his partner, No-Name and his dog, Dog.  Dog likes playing the fetch game with the bones at his feet.  There's a donkey for packing supplies and several other critters hanging out around the sluice box and mine entrance.  The red barrel is full of TNT.  FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!  
Lucky me, today I either have become sick or overwhelmed with dust and smoke.  Someone was burning their trash yesterday and it was all heading our direction.  I may just have to call in sick on Monday ..... we shall see.  

Total miles walked to date:  215.69

I walked 6.74 miles, mostly in the snack bar.  

Today, I think Benadryl will be my friend.


  1. Hopefully that proposal does go off with a Hitch. LOL!
    I'm certain that you are looking forward to the end of the season.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the adventure.

    It's about time.

  2. As I was reading you post from yesterday I was reminded of my Dad telling me, he grew up on a farm, that farmers in his day would plant cattle corn several feet in near the fences around the "people" corn. That way anyone reaching over the fence got an interesting surprise when they got home with their "prize".
    Sounds like another long day. Hope you feel better.

    1. What a great idea!! I never would have thought of that trick, but it's a good one!!!

  3. Always nice when things wok out pretty good, I think with all that smoke in the air you deserve a day off.