Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Sliding Right Along .....

I'm happy to report I have no more goose eggs on my forehead.  I'm MUCH more careful now.  My one and only is still very sore and a bright shade of purple.  There must be some character I can dress up as in order to enhance my boo boo.

I spent most of my time on the two tractors.  One driver was off for the day and the other does most of the repairs, meaning he was repairing irrigation lines and moving exits to better locations the entire day.

Once I got the first two big groups through, I moseyed on over to the slide.  It really requires two people.  One to give instructions to the kids at the bottom and one to help them get ON the slide at the top.  I opted NOT to work the top.  With my luck, I'd fall off.
It doesn't look bad from the bottom, not high at all, right?  Might as well go take a look at the view.  I have to stay the stairs going up the sides are rather skinny, like I hope to be by the end of October.  I'm down another pound (probably the lowest I've been in four years .... HOORAY!!), which means I actually FIT going up the stairs.
What a fabulous view!!  This is part of the time travel ride through dinosaur land.  That's Simon the T-Rex in the middle.  When Simon hears the tractor coming, he says SIMON SAYS FREEZE!!  All the dinosaurs freeze as we drive by.  Corny joke, but the kids love it!!  Driving through the scenes is a kick!!  Lucky for me, I made it down safely from the slide.  I walked.
Today will be slow, although I have to be there by 8:30.  I've one group of home school kids (honestly the most unruly group) and a 116 coming in for two hours in the afternoon.  The calm before the storm, since I'll be slammed with over 500 on Thursday.
There's some really crazy looking pumpkins this year.  These warty ones are just so cool, perfect for decorating your Halloweenish front door.
So I'm off.  Do you have your Halloween candy yet??????

I almost forgot .....

Total miles walked Day 4 ..... 28.17


  1. Glad no more bumps and you had a quite day. Lovely view from the top of the slide.
    We have our Halloween Candy enough for 245 kids at the campground in Niagara Falls New York, and that is usually gone in the first 30 minutes, A busy fun time there.

    1. Wow!! That's a lot of candy!!! But how fun to give it all out!!