Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Here And Gone

Another 450 kids come and gone.  Here's how it all works.  The schools make reservations for field trips.  The cost per child is $5.00.  They come out usually by bus, but sometimes the smaller groups come by cars.  I get to meet all of them at the gate, around 5,000 in total.

We always offer a free wristband to teachers and their aids, which I get to place on each and every wrist.  I can slap on wristbands faster than lightning!!  Then they all get to come in and ride all the rides while I gather up the bus drivers (or whoever, since some bus drivers don't seem to be able to touch the lunch boxes ... must be some bad voodoo or something) and get their lunches to the correct locations.

Field trips have to include education, which is why we have the Barnyard Squares show to teach them about agriculture.  After lunch and returning at least ten lost jackets, a couple of cell phones and several sets of keys, they all head out the gate, pumpkin in hand.  Yes, every single one gets a pumpkin.

Some schools are VERY smart.  They put all the kids in the same color shirts so they are easy to corral.
At long last, usually around noon, all the kids are gone and the public begins to arrive.  We've been busier and busier every day.  
Last Sunday was the second biggest day they have ever had, with two more weekends to go.  My feet are crying crocodile tears.
I have to admit, I'm looking forward to taking off in the motorhome to the peace and quiet of Arizona, not to mention the COUCH!!!

Total miles walked as of the 18th day .... 142.63


  1. I visited the pumpkin patch website and showed it to Marcia...what an amazing place! I wish I had a miles tracker when I worked in the restaurant business...can't imagine how much walking I did back in those ancient days.

    1. It's VERY cool. I'm not sure they even have the latest stuff on the web page!! We work very hard to make it the best!!