Friday, October 11, 2019

Another Ten Miler

If you told me when I was training for those marathons that I could walk eight to ten miles every day, I would have said you're Crazy with a capital C.  It was all I could do to finish the 8 mile practice runs on Saturday.  Yet here I am walking many more miles and every day in a row.  It's totally weird that that's possible.

At any rate, it was an absolutely crazy day with 505 kids arriving almost at the same time, accompanied by maybe 30 teachers and at least 250 parents.  I'm not adding that all up because I don't want to know!!

I bagged and tagged every single parent.  Of course there was one who tried to sneak in, but my field trip girls caught him coming IN the OUT gate.

My new plan of setting up chalkboards with school names for the lunch areas, worked out perfectly.  Everyone found their space.  YAY!!!

The Time Travel Tractor Ride is of course the most popular, being it has dinosaurs and all.  With 500 kids and parents in line (I don't know why they all wanted to go on that first), I got the driver to stay on the tractor while we loaded and unloaded, asking him to drive just a tad bit faster.  We ran them all through before I headed off to the front where we gave out 505 pumpkins.  WHEW!!!
At long last, around 1:00 all the kids were gone and the place quieted down.  Weekday afternoons are a breeze.  All except for those two ladies who put their five kids in the wheelbarrow full of goat poop so they could take a picture with one lifting the handles.  

Oh ladies .... there's nothing less stable than a one wheeled wheelbarrow.  She almost dropped them all on the ground.  Now we have to hide the wheelbarrow in the cornfield.  Two more kids ran straight across the grounds into a cable that makes up the waiting area for the Zip Bee.  The owner and I tracked down some flags and attached them to the cable.  

Honestly, it's like this all day ... one thing after another.  It's why I visit the goats and admire the sailfish in the sky in the above picture.  It quiets the impulse to scream!!

We ran out of fruit snacks, potato chips and nacho chips, coffee, hot chocolate and candy bars, as well as discovered a hole in the pan that holds water for the hot dogs.  All in a hard day's work!!
At the end of the night, I closed down all the attractions, herding people to the exit gates, a job usually completed by the Mrs. of the Pumpkin Patch.  This day her son had a swimming meet.  Another day, another ten miler.

Total miles walked as of day 13?? ..... 107.10     My feet are talking to me.


  1. You are getting this consistent miles is and still making through the days lok at how great of shape you will be in !

    1. I can only hope!! I will definitely be back in hiking shape!!

  2. My son in law would be the parent that tried to sneak in. Some I'm glad the chalkboard idea worked for you. Have fun! Elva Shannon

    1. It's so funny the antics they try. They always get caught though, since you can't get on any of the rides without the wristband!!

  3. Sounds like the fun never ends and why, really why, would a parent try to sneak in especially in front of kids.
    What a beautiful picture of the "sailfish" I can see how that would be calming.

    1. The sneaking in happens ever year. I hate to say it, but Grandmas are the worst! LOL