Thursday, October 10, 2019

Zipping Right Along .....

I must finally be getting really tired.  I slept like a log without waking up, something that hasn't happened for months on end.  I didn't even walk funny when I got up this morning.  That's a FIRST!!

Only 350 kids showed up yesterday with almost as many parents.  Adults pay $10 instead of the usual $15 and get to ride all the attractions with their kids.  I find that parents are usually WORSE than the kids when it comes to doing what we ask of them.

THIS is the latest attraction, the Zip-Bee.  It's for kids, as in anyone we think can sit on a big round disk and hang on tight when it hits the stop at the other end.  It's zip-lining for little ones.  Moms and Dads weigh too much to ride these cables, but that doesn't keep them from trying!!
The long cables are strung up a 15 foot hill.  Kids grab the string at the bottom of the disk and pull it up the ramp.  Once we load them up, they take off and ride it to the bottom.  You can see one little girl getting off.  The kids love it, as in they will go around and around through the line 25 times or more.

Parents are also too tall.  All we need is to have a broken leg, right??  I now have a lot more respect for the kid at the top who has to pull down on the rope hard enough so the kids can get on.  In two minutes, my knuckles were screaming and half the skin on my hands was gone!!  All worth it seeing the kids have SO much fun.
It was a very long day, but thankfully we had two tractor drivers so I didn't have to do that too.  I made a quick stop in the barn to rest my feet and was greeted by my kids!!  I just love these guys.  Like a puppy, they are always SO happy to see you!
Today is going to be a long one.  There are 505 kids arriving between 8:30 and 9:30 this morning.  Since I had a disaster yesterday at lunch time with the schools not going where they were supposed to for lunch (we even walked the teachers by the areas so they would know), I spent 30 minutes making up signs marking each lunch location.  I'm hoping that makes it all better today.

Let's be realistic ... many of the teachers are as bad as the kids at not listening.  They also seem to be very demanding, which I totally understand.  After all, they are working with all those kids!!! 

Total miles walked day (whatever it is, I've lost count) .... 97.02


  1. Sounds like a very tiring day yet at the same time it sounds like you are having a ball.
    Not walking funny when you get up is always

    1. The days are VERY tiring, but it's fun to be around the kids.

  2. Hee hee.....your comments about the teachers had me laughing. I hope today everyone follows your instructions. Elva Shannon

    1. We have some of the best teachers and we have some of the worst. I never knew there was such a diversity!!

  3. You are tiring me out too, ya know! :) I'm sure you enjoy each day with new adventures.
    The Bee Line would be fun for the kids. Great idea!
    Love the 'kids' posing on the straw bales.