Sunday, October 6, 2019

The Things You See At The Patch!!!

Good news!!!  My bathrooms are back in working order!!  No more running to the farthest one in the house!!  My super duper repair kits came in the mail.  I'm sure they won't last long since they are again made of plastic, but at least they work.
It took less than two minutes to install each one.  It took five minutes to figure out HOW!!!
It was complete chaos at the Pumpkin Patch yesterday.  It started out nice enough and is usually not crowded on this weekend.  Word has gotten out I guess.  We opened at 10:00 and by 11:00 the snack bar was swamped.  We had people backed up almost 50 feet waiting for goodies.  NEVER have we been this busy this early in the season.  

By noon I was frantically running back and forth for supplies.  We went through 250 hot dogs, 200 nacho plates and I made over 250 shaved ice.  Right in the middle of all that, everything came to a screeching halt as we ushered a bride and her party of 20 around the entire park for photo ops at all of our stations.
In the meantime, the University of Merced set up their barbecue out by the Time Travel Tractor, scorching just a tad bit of corn.   They took up the entire place with a party.  In no time, music was blasting and wine was flowing.  No, I didn't get any.  A last minute birthday party took up all the rest of the available picnic tables.  

It got worse.  With only four of us girls in the snack bar, I had to call for help.  That's when the nacho cheese machine bit into the bag-o-cheese and dripped into the mechanism completely unnoticed until it ran out.  What a mess THAT was!!  I left it to the boss.  
I probably should have stayed around to fix it, but honestly, I was up to my eleven hour mark and my feet were killing me in spite of my very best marathon-running tennis shoes.  I spent another 30 minutes scheduling more people for today before heading home.  Three bites of a quick salad and I was in bed.

More good news ... I've been able to see several friends that I haven't seen in almost ten years.  Not that I had time to talk, but at least we made contact.  You never know who or what you will see at the Pumpkin Patch!!  

We expect today to be even busier!!  

Total miles walked day eight:  63.82


  1. Sounds like things went a little crazy there, but you made it through, keep up the good work.
    Nice to run into old friends when you can.

  2. "PERHAPS" the early rush "MIGHT" lead to a tad bit slower days towards the end of the month. (who am I fooling)

    1. Ummm not me Dave. The good news is it's great for the owners.

  3. I can not believe how hard you work at this place. Did any of these mini-events (bride, party, grill) ask permission or did they just show up?

    1. Allison, they all make reservations. It's absolutely crazy how many people show up.