Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Up In The Clouds

Sometimes you just have to laugh out loud.  With a new tractor driver to train, I spent way too much time yesterday driving to get any pictures.  I feel bad about that, but I have a couple of stories that might make you laugh.

We have a kid named Jake that's been working most every day.  A very nice quiet TALL kid.  One day I said to him ... HEY ... what's your name?  You are just so TALL I'd like to know you.  With a sly smile, he handed me his business card.

It says ... Jake Guerrero

Yes I am very tall
I am 6'7"
Yes I play basketball but I don't play for any teams
The weather is the same up here as it is down there
No my family isn't tall.  I'm the only one.  Thanks for asking.

Best laugh of the day!!   To make it even better, he has picked more pumpkins out in the field than anyone else on the property.  Jake is a cool dude, probably all of 17 years old, with a great sense of humor.
My next story involved a girl that came up while I was making shaved ice.  She started to take one when I asked if she had paid for it.  No she said, they are free.  I'm sorry, but you have to pay for them.  Did your mom pay for one?  She looked at me for a second and lied.  YES!!!  I didn't believe her.

I asked the girls ... the answer was NO.  Where is your mom?  She's over there (pointing to the other side of the snack bar).  I don't think you paid for it.  Go ask your mom for $4.  She ran off to her mom standing about 50 feet away with four kids in tow.

Sneaky these kids are.  Now she's got me wondering just how many shaved ice kids picked up that they DIDN'T pay for.  Thinking back, there were three times I was short on an order and didn't know why.  I guess I figured it out!!!
Just for giggles, here's some numbers from the weekend snack bar.

720 hot dogs and of course buns to match
16 giant bags of nacho chips
9 gallons of jalapeños
28 cases of 36 bottles of water
18 large cases each of pepsi, Dr. Pepper, 7-Up and Diet Coke
24 boxes of chips, 50 per box

Total miles walked after day 17 ...  133.74

I'll be back at it in three hours with 300 kids coming in to play.


  1. Ha ha love the stories you told. Jake sounds like a nice kid. That is definitely TALL! Love his humour.
    Kids will try and trick you every time but if you look in their eyes, usually the truth be told.
    That's a lot of food and drink and a lot of miles. :D

    1. Thanks for the tip Patsy. I've never been around this many kids before!!

  2. Just read yesterday and today's blog.
    Enjoyed all the "No" rules. Having worked at a place where you had to be very specific I know how fast they can add up...lol
    I love that Jake has a business card to hand out...what a great kid!

    Tom and Deb
    Celebrating the Dance

    1. Jake has a great sense of humor and he's such a hard working kid. Just turned twenty yesterday.