Friday, October 4, 2019

The Birds And The Bees

Only 300 kids showed up yesterday.  An easy day for me.  Today's 400 should keep me hopping from 8:30 till noon.  Aren't these pumpkins gorgeous?  I just LOVE the white ones, all around 8-10 inches across.  They are called (what else) Ghost Pumpkins!!
These field trips for the kids aren't ALL fun and games.  The main reason is to teach them about farmers and how much food is grown in California.  Before entering the puppet Tic Tac Toe theatre, they learn about the parts and pieces of pumpkins.
They also get a quick lesson is bee technology, with an emphasis on how important they are in pollinating all the flora and fauna so we end up with food production.  The main line is of course "don't swat the bees".  Leave them alone and they will leave YOU alone.
Here's a little more on the life cycle of a pumpkin.  It's weird that we are in an agricultural part of the world and kids do not know that tomatoes turn into pizza sauce or that corn grown in the field is turned into their taco shells and tortilla chips.  The biggest laugh comes from cotton being grown for their underwear!!
Parked all around the property are old tractors for the perfect photo op, as well as equipment used currently in harvesting not only almonds, but most every other product grown on this land.
So there you have it.  A Field Trip in a minute.  I'm off early this morning with another 300 showing up between 8:30 and 9:00.  I'll be wearing my dark glasses all day, trying to cover up that shiner I got when one little girl didn't want to go up the big slide, even though her Mom insisted.  

If I had smaller feet, I would now have the cutest pair of black boots ever ... left on the hay ride.  

Total miles walked day six ..... 44.09    


  1. It is so nice that the kids do get educated while having fun there. Amazing how little they know about farming and where things actually come from.

    1. Nowadays the parents leave everything up to the teachers. The kids really know nothing!!

  2. That's a nice way to teach the kids about farming.
    It amazes me how kids today leave things behind. We'd have got a swat if we'd done that.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the next 300.

    It's about time.

    1. Me too ... swats were an every day occurrence! LOL